Coignières – A 31-year-old woman found dead in the Adef social residence

A 27-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday 3 May on suspicion of killing his girlfriend. Already arrested 13 days earlier for domestic violence, he was released for free. “The body of the young woman, Liza, 30, was found on Tuesday 3 May in her house in Coignières”, specifies an article in Ouest-France.

On the day of the accident, around 2 pm in rue de Montfort, the tenants called the police. “The police enter the apartment where a man is and there they discover the lifeless body of Liza”, continues an article by Le Parisien.

A messy apartment, as if a fight had broken out

“Traces of strangulation, head and mouth injuries were found on the body,” a source close to the case said. This potential murder took place in a mixed-housing residence with 300 apartments where harassment of women has already been reported to the prosecutor.

The apartment where the young woman’s body was found was in disorder, as if a quarrel had escalated between the two. “The shower curtain has been torn and officials notice numerous traces of blood. The spouse is immediately questioned by the patrol, but makes inconsistent and confused remarks ”, continues Le Parisien.

A medical examiner is called to carry out an initial examination on the body, which will then be transported to the forensic institute of Garches, in Hauts-de-Seine, to undergo an autopsy there. “Forensic science technicians also went to the scene to find clues at the crime scene,” our colleagues’ article states.

The 27-year-old man will be placed in custody in the urban security premises in Trappes. He has undergone an examination which indicates that no behavioral disturbance would abolish his discernment. For the moment the investigations are ongoing, underlines a source close to the file. “There are still many points to be clarified on the course of events. “

The Versailles prosecutor states “that nothing is yet certain about the spouse’s involvement in the death of this woman”. The results of the autopsy, which took place on Thursday 5 May, have not yet been released.

Surveys were conducted with the couple’s relatives and neighbors to try to find out more about the relationship they had. “However, everything leads to the belief that it is a femicide. The alleged perpetrator is no stranger to the police. He had been arrested on April 20, 13 days earlier, on charges of… domestic violence, ”the article states.

The victim refused to file a complaint and the perpetrator was released. For Coignières, the smallest town in the agglomeration, this is the first time such a story has occurred. “It is terrible, absolute horror”, saddens Mayor Didier Fischer (DVG).

The Adef Social Residence, once a shelter for young workers, welcomes people in precarious situations who have difficulty finding accommodation. “This does not explain the murder, but there is a real context of harassment against women in this residence”, storms the city councilor, who was “caught on several occasions in the past by recurring facts”.
A sense of insecurity also reigns in the part of the building reserved for women, because male tenants do not hesitate to come knock on doors and create an atmosphere of fear. “These recurring incidents therefore required talks between the municipality and the management association,” continues Le Parisien.

However, the mediation solutions had been decided following two discussion meetings between the mayor, the site managers and the ADEF regional manager. “They had pledged to take strong action in favor of the residents, but, in the end, there were some discussion groups”, angered the Mayor who “would have liked a security guard to come every night when problems arise” . “But they didn’t. “

The city hall therefore decided to alert the authorities of these acts of harassment by reporting them to the public prosecutor. Another problem is added: “Many rooms welcome people who are not allowed to stay. Many live in three or four in a studio made for one person ”, complains the city councilor.

Le Parisien concludes his story by recalling that “according to the count made by the Féminicide collective by the partner or the ex, Liza would be [si c’est avéré, NDLR]the 38th victim of femicide in France since the beginning of the year “.


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