COVID-19. What we know about the death of Mauricette Doyer, whose husband blames the vaccine

“Pfizer killed me”: Marc Doyer is convinced that his wife Mauricette died at the age of 72 from the Covid-19 vaccine. She died aged 72 on the night of May 3 to 4, she was diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease shortly after receiving her second dose.

Husband convinced vaccine is involved

Pfizer killed me. Mauricette has just left to enter the artists’ paradise

Marc Doyer, on Twitter

Mauricette Doyer held the Cabaret de la Brèche with her husband Marc, in Breuil-le-Vert (Oise). The couple had opened the place about ten years ago, in 2013, and had organized shows with dinners there.

A business that had led the couple to close for many months, reluctantly, under the effect of health restrictions. Mauricette Doyer had turned all her anger to Jean Castex, right at the beginning of 2021, when the showrooms were kept closed. She once announced that she would defy the ban and pay the fines, before changing her mind.

Marc Doyer accuses the vaccine of killing his wife

In May 2021, Mauricette Doyer was diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, two weeks after receiving her second injection of the Pfizer vaccine. Since then, her husband Marc Doyer has been convinced: his wife’s illness was caused by her injection. Defending himself from being anti-vaccination or conspiracy theorist, he repeats it as he pleases on Twitter, where he is very active, and on the televisions where he is invited.

Disappointed by the support of Emmanuel Macron in 2017, who later became a figure of the Yellow Vests, Marc Doyer had also approached politics, briefly considering running for the 2019 European elections, before giving up.

Today Marc Doyer is the “spokesperson for Verity France,“ an association of victims of side effects or difficulties following vaccinations against Cociv ”. On Twitter as well as on its website, the association provides a large amount of false information on Covid-19 and vaccines – such as, on May 5, a fake CNews screenshot titled “Antivax: how to get rid of? (The fault is” original. “).

All … between more serious and verified information, which further accentuates the confusion.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob, a slowly incubating disease

Marc Doyer assures that he is “always vaccinated” and defends himself against any conspiracy. But it is certain: his wife’s Creutfeldt-Jakob disease is indeed vaccine-related: “My wife victim of the pfizer mad cow prion disease vaccine,” he wrote at the top of his Twitter account, followed by nearly 50,000 people. .

Scientifically, no link between the Pfizer vaccine and the occurrence of this neurodegenerative condition has been demonstrated. Above all, it has long been known that Creutzfeldt-Jakob prion disease has a slow and long incubation: several years, and even more than ten years.

In November 2021, ANSM had identified six cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease that occurred after vaccination (4 with Pfizer, 1 with Moderna and 1 with AstraZeneca). “After” and not “because of”: the usual incidence of this disease is of the order of one or two cases per million inhabitants. Therefore, a few dozen cases occur in France every year.

No more cases than before vaccination

As for the link with vaccines, it seems excluded:

About a pathology [Creutzfeldt-Jaokb] of very slow progression, the surveillance committee believes that the short onset time does not allow us to maintain the role of vaccines against Covid-19 in the occurrence of these cases


However, one hypothesis remains: that a patient, already in the incubation period, sees his Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease “triggered” by vaccination. However, there is currently no evidence of this.

This rare but terrible disease is notifiable. In other words, all reported cases are known and counted. In France there are about 150 each year and no increase has been detected since the start of vaccination, nor in other parts of the world. But statistically, people have declared this disease after being vaccinated, as others have died from various and varied causes.

Faced with people who point out to Marc Doyer the absence of a proven link between the disease that killed his wife and her vaccination, he is opposed to an almost systematic response: in essence, they do not know the medical record and therefore cannot express yourself.

Contacted for the writing of this article, Marc Doyer did not respond.

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