Exclusive: Moon Knight has removed references to Thor: Love and Thunder

It’s not something that has been touched as much as some would have speculated, especially considering there is one in the ranks of the original Avengers. This time, the public gets to know Khonshu, the Egyptian divinity who pulls the strings of Marc Spector.

In addition to the God of the Moon, fans also got to see many other gods, including Taweret, Ammit And the Enneade. With all these gods coming into play, many are wondering how they will fare after Thor: Love and Thunder. Why ? Well, due to the introduction of Gorr, the Butcher God, played by Christian Bale.

The character has the gift of slaughtering the gods; in fact, it’s all his crusade. Now that Moon Knight has come to an end, audiences already know that no reference to the upcoming events of the fourth Thor has been hidden in the series.

But were there any at some point in the process?

Previous references to Thor: Love and Thunder

In an exclusive interview with Russ Milheim From The Direct, Jeremy Slater, chief writer and executive producer of Moon Knight, revealed that at one point the series included references to the events of Thor: Love and Thunder, including that of Gorr, the Butcher of the Gods, played by Christian Bale. .

When asked how much of Chris Hemsworth’s adventure influenced Marc’s analysis of the story, the screenwriter noted that it was “both a lot and a little.” Slater revealed that there were “several versions of the script” referencing the potential film, which is also fueled by the fact that “Thor it didn’t necessarily have a concrete release date. “

“Both as much as little. But the reality is we had no idea: when we started working on the show, we didn’t know when we were going to debut. We always thought it would be later and somehow we would go out there.autumn 2022and we thought we’d probably follow Thor [ : Love and Thunder]. But at the time, Thor didn’t even have a concrete release date, it was all in the air, and it’s like we could be ahead of Thor, or we could finish. So there were different versions of the script where the Gods were talking about this thing with Gorr, the butcher of the Gods, and now we have a new problem. And then there were other versions of the script where they said, “We’re hearing voices [que] the Of God they are dying, now is not the right time to get involved. Like we’re trying to get butter and butter money.

Slater went on to reveal that “they had versions of the story that foreshadowed Gorr’s arrival, and others that happened after the movie,” but that ultimately “Marvel made the creative decision” to dispense with this reference in every. case:

“We knew the pattern of what was going to happen Thor: Love and thunder, so as not to contradict ourselves. But we had versions of the story announcing the arrival of Gorr, and others that took place after the film. Eventually, at some point, Marvel made the creative decision to say, “You know what, we don’t necessarily need that. The way the Ennead scene unfolded in Episode 3 didn’t feel like there was a organic place where you could make a foray, like “Oh, and at Reality, it has nothing to do with the story we’re telling, but there’s something going on here.” I think Marvel is getting really smart about how they work in these references and cameos, and they will if it makes sense. [Ils ne le feront pas si cela nuit à l’histoire, ils ne le font pas juste pour le plaisir de le faire. Je pense que c’est à ce moment-là qu’ils se sont dit : “On s’étire pour faire ce lien, on n’en a pas vraiment besoin”.

Remerciements de Gorr Cut de Moon Knight

Lorsque quelqu’un tue des dieux et attire même l’attention de Thor, on peut penser que tous les dieux de la Terre l’ont remarqué. Il est donc logique qu’il y ait des versions alternatives de Moon Knight pour cette raison – il aurait fallu en tenir compte si la série était sortie après.

Si l’on en croit le dialogue alternatif qui semble mentionner les suites de Thor : Amour et Tonnerre, il semble au moins que Gorr, le boucher des dieux, n’aura pas entièrement réussi sa mission au moment où le film s’achève. Thor l’a-t-il vaincu sur Terre ? Ou peut-être a-t-il simplement détourné l’attention de Gorr de Midgard pour que les autres dieux de la planète soient en sécurité.

Il serait logique que, lorsque le MCU reviendra sur le parcours de Marc Spector, les activités de Gorr soient évoquées à un moment ou à un autre. Peut-être que les conséquences du film de Chris Hemsworth joueront un rôle direct dans la raison pour laquelle les événements de la deuxième saison se déroulent en premier lieu.

Moon Knight est maintenant disponible en streaming sur Disney+, tandis que Thor : Love and Thunder sort en salle le 8 juillet.

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