Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 397 on Wednesday 11 May 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV news series

In the next episode of “Here It All Begins”… While Louis explains why he had spare keys, the preparation of the lunch is at a high tension and Kelly refuses to spare himself.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all starts broadcasting tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t keep reading!

Wednesday 11 May in Here it all begins …

Louis explains why he had the duplicate keys

After breaking into Louis’ house yesterday, Axel wants to share what he discovered with Charlène. It’s obvious to him that his boyfriend has an implication in the prom disaster. He also thinks he was the one who locked them in the room. Charlène immediately contradicts him, but Axel brings her proof of her guilt: the prospectus and the key to the rented room. His cousin reminds him how much Louis loves the institute, but as Axel replies, he may like the school, but not the people who work there.

Meanwhile, Louis is at his mother’s bedside. Very quickly, Charlène joins him and decides to face him. Louis doesn’t understand his girlfriend’s accusations, he wants at all costs to know who told him this story. Louis does not entirely deny that he was in possession of the keys. Charlène admits that it was Axel who explained everything to him.

Louis then finds Axel in the locker room. He does not hesitate to put pressure on him and intends to share this story with the management. Suddenly, their discussion begins to focus on Salome. Louis knows how to provoke him and talks about her intimacy with her during their relationship. Annoyed by his behavior, Teyssier’s nephew punches him in the face.

The two young men are in the infirmary. Very quickly, Teyssier joins them and tries to understand the situation. Axel tells everything to his uncle. The new professor finally decides to explain: he asked the owner for another duplicate of the room keys, he wanted to broadcast a video of Charlène and him during the dance and then ask her to marry him. Convinced of his guilt, Teyssier intends to notify the authorities.

Upon returning home, Teyssier informs Charlène of Louis’ true intentions. If she seems surprised at first, she is immediately convinced by this story. But, for her parents, it goes without saying that this is a new attempt to manipulate Louis.

At the same time, the rumor of Axel’s fist spreads throughout the institute. Enzo and Théo are delighted and convinced that the marriage proposal is a lie. As for Salome, she thinks a request in public is very similar to her ex-boyfriend. Louis listens to their conversation, Salome tells him that she believes him innocent.

For her part, Charlène finds Louis who tells her that his father and Guillaume have called the police. He will be questioned tomorrow. Her girlfriend is certain that she will be fine because if she decided to propose them to him that night, she should have proof. Louis tells her that he hadn’t bought a ring yet, preferring to let him choose one of hers and as for the video of her, it was on her computer that broke from the collapse. Faced with the lack of evidence, Charlène doubts her boyfriend that she notices him directly. Louis takes her by the arm and forces her to leave her house.

A high voltage preparation

Deva brings good news to Hortense and Mehdi! They have just received an email from their teachers inviting them to lunch at Double A. This news particularly delights Hortense who is already seeing their plates noted, but this is by no means the case with Mehdi doubting Teyssier’s intentions. The girls finally manage to convince the young man, they can’t wait to taste everything.

Meanwhile, all the teachers are in the kitchen. It doesn’t take long for the tension to rise between Teyssier and Zacharie who disagree at all about the dressing of a sauce. The director positions himself as brigade leader and intends to lead his colleagues.

Gradually, the students settle into Double A. Everything on the menu inspires them and they can’t choose. Jasmine confesses to Greg and Eliott that this is the first time she has been a customer in a gourmet restaurant. Happy to be on the other side for once, the apprentice cooks wonder what’s going on in the kitchen.

The military atmosphere imposed by Teyssier still lingers in the kitchens. He looks at all the actions of his colleagues and expresses his dissatisfaction with the education of Clotilde and Zacharie. As the students give the order to Lysander, the whole room hears them arguing. Quickly, the room teacher goes to the kitchen to stop them and call them to order.

End of the service for the teachers, they join their students in the Double room A. Mehdi takes the liberty of asking them why the dressing of the lamb was different from that of Chef Armand, which confirms Teyssier’s criticisms. The good humor of their students reminds them why they decided to organize this lunch. But in that moment the director receives a message that is far from delighting him.

Kelly refuses to spare himself

Recently operated on her ankle, Kelly doesn’t spare herself. Laëtitia reminds her of the doctors’ advice, she needs rest and above all she doesn’t have to cook. Kelly flatly refuses and intends to return to the kitchen despite the condition of her ankle. To deny him access to the institute’s kitchens, her mother intends to warn everyone that she must not come near. She also asks Lionel to watch over her daughter and stop her from doing anything.

Later, Kelly insists on getting up and making an effort. Lionel is determined to listen to Laëtitia and blocks her way. Not to mention Kelly’s arguments that she plays with the feelings of her boyfriend who ends up giving in.

Against her mother’s advice, Kelly is in full swing for her cooking exam. Lionel supervises her and tries to help her with her training, but to no avail. To go faster she doesn’t use crutches, her pain starts to return. Despite this embarrassment, the student insists on finishing her plate. And she once again manipulates Lionel by kissing him.

In the evening, Guillaume, Laetitia, Kelly and Lionel meet for dinner. They really like the dish, but they don’t understand why Lionel didn’t prepare a vegetarian meal. Immediately, Laëtitia realizes that it wasn’t him who made the pot, but Kelly against their advice. Guillaume suggests that she take part in the lessons as a free listener, with this system she will not miss anything but she will not cook. The young woman refuses this proposal. Laëtitia clashed with Lionel who didn’t stop her daughter from cooking when she asked him to.

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