Ille-et-Vilaine: Gaëlle Denoual has opened an “EHPAD” for horses in Combourg

Gaëlle among the horses welcomes you to her pension for a retreat. © The Country of Malouin

Bretonne Gaëlle Denoual, 32, has a boundless passion for horses.

His studies oriented them with one goal: to be part of the Republican Guard.

After a course in MFR, rural family houses, specializing in horses, this young woman, who confesses that she was not “an easy child”, will obtain a professional baccalaureate. Here she is ready to take the exam to enter the gendarmerie school. But “at my graduation, there is no room for the Republican Guard. So I became a policeman in the territorial brigade for 5 years in Callac. It is a job that teaches us cohesion, rigor, kindness, it’s a good job. “

painful moments

In 2013, a health problem appeared. His eyes are struck. He consults an ophthalmologist, then undergoes a Nantes examination. And the diagnosis falls.

“I have retinitis pigmentosa. It is the field of vision that narrows. “

A debilitating disease “that cannot be cured and, over the years, leads to blindness. “For Gaëlle, leaving the gendarmerie” was very difficult. And the question arose: now what do I do? “She says she very moved, barely holding back the tears as she brings these troubled times to the surface.

After working in trade, guidance and after-sales service, Gaëlle will be recognized as a disabled worker. “He will receive a compensatory disability pension in reduction of working hours, to receive the same salary equivalent. “Unfortunately,“ where I am, there is no suitable position, so I decided to leave the company. “

An accompaniment for a rebirth

Then a reflection begins. “I’ve never been unemployed, it’s difficult for me. “In his journey, at the Pôle Emploi,“ I come across a formidable contact person. He saw that I was lost. And that I have had trouble coping with my disability. He will support me and help me. He will be interested above all in the course of my life ”.

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And tell him in the end:

“Do you like horses, he asks me? So why not start your own business. “

A rebirth is coming for Gaëlle. In 2019 “the storm destroyed all the buildings on the farm where we live. “The insurance company will pay the indemnities” and this allowed us to build a hangar with the kits, which my husband assembled. “

When weight becomes a force

Today Gaëlle takes care of the horses.

“I didn’t want a stable like everyone else, so I decided to set up an ‘EHPAD’ for the horses. “

They will therefore be the Ecuries de Gaëlle.

This decision is carefully considered, because “taking care of retired horses is not the same as the work of competing horses. It allows me to have a normal life, while living my passion ”, she says, this time accompanied by a big smile, now obviously realized.

“I thought for a long time that my disability would be my burden, and today it is my strength. “

Horses aged between 17 and 20 years

First of all, a large field, 3 ha, with brand new boxes, to house the horses “who have stopped competing, or can no longer work and who are old enough to retire. They end their life peacefully. I give them all possible care. “

Gaël in front of brand new boxers for his boarders
Gaël in front of the brand new boxes intended for his boarders. © The Country of Malouin

Phèdre and Gin-fis, who are from the Somme, Roquette, who are from Ain, Ogwai, who are from Plerguer, are between 17 and 20 years old, “these are horses that have been pampered by their owners, to whom they have given a lot , so they need a lot of attention. So much so that Roquette came to the Écuries de Gaëlle accompanied by Julia, a 3-year-old Shetland pony, “the owner of Roquette didn’t want to separate them for her well-being.”

Animal welfare, a priority

Here Gaëlle takes care of everything, “as if they were my horses. Adequate and healthy nutrition, accommodation, laundry, care, relaxation, trimming, farriery, shearing “. The Gaëlle stables offer 2 types of services, a classic board and a comfort board “with physiotherapy sessions, energy treatments, purified hay, with a dry deck service…” In short, animal welfare “is at the center of my concerns. “

It is a real end-of-life support for the animal. For the horses that enter here, the Écuries de Gaëlle are their final resting place. And the owner of the restaurant wants for these horses “this accompaniment in retirement, it remains a dream stay. “

From our local correspondent Gerardo Simonin

The Gaëlle stables: the Champ Hervé, 35270 Combourg. Telephone 06 73 66 62 54. E-mail: gaë

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