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Two young girls were sexually assaulted by their father and grandfather in Sarthe. On Thursday 5 May 2022 the court of Le Mans tried the two men. © Illustration Adobe Stock

It is a particular story sad whose verdict was delivered very late on the night it was judged by Court Correction Le Mans (Sarthe) Thursday 5 May 2022.

At the helm, the Pope and the greatPope of two girls, minor at the material time, defendant of sexual violence repeated on them, but also the mother of the two daughters, prosecuted for failing to report the actions of her husband and father when she was aware of them.

Sexually abused by father and grandfather

It all started with one grievance filed in 2018 by a man explaining that his son was sexually assaulted by a boy born in 2006.

Hear from investigators, this guy will reveal existence acts of sexual violence of his father and grandfather on his two sisters born in 2002 and born in 2008.

They explain to the investigators that they have been victims of sexual violence by the father but also by the grandfather between 2012 and 2017.

The mother is also the victim

Investigators also discover that the mother two girls he knew the facts and that this had already been victim of sexual violence by his father when he was 12 years old. This had been condemned in 1993.

Grizzled hair, scarred face, expressionless gray eyes, medium height, dressed in gray sweater and jeans, the father of the two girls has recognized the facts of which he is accused.

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“They’ve been there four times,” she admits of her eldest daughter.

“It’s not nonsense”

He also admits to having sexually assaulted his youngest daughter and describes what he did to his two daughters as ” stupidity“.

A man who sets his sex against his daughter’s is no nonsense sir,

the president of the court.

The father of the two girls said he sexually assaulted them because the mother of his children rejected him and he did not have enough money to afford prostitutes.

“I’m a bastard,” he said sobbing.

“I recognize that I am wrong”

the not no of the victims explained that the touch, the kisses on the mouth and all the gestures they had towards their granddaughters they did not leave of one bad intention.

“I recognize that I am wrong, but I was not trying to hurt,” said this retired SNCF, gray hair, earring, pretty good good chic.

Claiming that he was “too tactile” with his granddaughters, he spoke of a abusive affection.

“I thought no one would believe me”

In tears at the hearing, like her two daughters, the mother of the victims – who is now separated from her father – explained why she did not report the facts:

“Why didn’t you speak madam?” asks the president of the court.

– “I was afraid”, the mother of the victims replies in tears.

– ” Fear of what ? “

– “Nobody believe me”.


Recognized guilty of the facts of which they are accused, the three defendants received the following sentences:

  • 6 months’ imprisonment with suspension of the sentence for the mother of the victims.
  • 24 months of imprisonment of which 18 months suspended e 6 months stopped under an electronic bracelet with registration in the automated judicial file of sexual or violent offenders (FIJAIS), obligation of care and 5 years of ineligibility, for the father.
  • 36 months of imprisonment of which 24 with suspension e 12 months stopped under electronic bracelet with FIJAIS registration and 5 years of disqualification for the grandfather.

The two men will have to do it too compensate their victims.

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