“There is another victim”

Hicham, a former candidate of the “JLC Family”, is accused of beating and attempting to rape a young woman after a controversial video revealed on the web. Those at the center of this case, with other TV comrades, confronted the alleged victim’s lawyer on TPMP.

This is the story of the moment being talked about in the middle of reality TV. A video of Hicham, a former candidate of the JLC familywas posted on the Web. In this we can see it to be very angry with a young woman which, sitting on the ground, appears to be mistreated by him. Also, we can see Marvin Tillière, Dylan Thiry but also Ahmed, laughing at the situation.

If this video made a lot of noise and made Hicham risk a lot, it was he himself who unveiled it after hearing that someone would launch it on the web.

No one will hold me back and tell me they have something on me. […] There is no one who takes money from me for nothing. I prefer to assume things, whatever the consequences behind them.

he said specifically on the set of TPMP this May 9, 2022the one who has been invited to speak e to confront Sylvie Noachovitch, the plaintiff’s attorney.

Talk to the alleged victim’s lawyer

Speaking first was Sylvie Noachovitch, the alleged victim’s lawyer. She states it her client attempted suicide and got to the point of frightened after this story. Sylvie Noachovitch then told the version of events of his client about the incriminating video.

They lured these girls to an apartment / hotel saying they would finish the night there. […] He, and an accomplice, lured her into the locker room to sleep with her. They offered to sleep with her, that’s what he tells me, this is her version. At this point she refuses. When they get pushy, she insults them, she screams. They go out together and she keeps screaming. […] Enter this room, they begin to beat her, to spit on her.

She adds:

We hear in the video “I’ll spit on him like you spit on him. ” […] They have fun, it makes them laugh a lot.

When, during the evening, she said she wanted to call the police, they would do everything to dissuade her, saying that she too was in danger of having problems with the police.

He faces 3 years in prison for intentional violence in a match. They are 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros. These are the penalties. And even the little accomplices who make the videos risk a lot. And then there is no assistance to anyone in danger.

The embassy reportedly told the young woman that without evidence it would be difficult to file a complaint against them. This video finally aired then brought his family enough to take legal action.

Hicham gives his version of the facts

Subsequently, it was Hicham who recounted what had happened that evening:

He is a person I don’t know. She arrived, there were many. She was drunk, she was drunk, she couldn’t even stand up. I don’t even know how consistent her words can be or if she remembers certain things.

He claims he searched guests’ personal effects e so he suspects her of wanting to steal property.

I wanted to talk in the bedroom. She was pretty aggressive with me. You should know that she slapped me afterwards. What we don’t see is that she was holding a bottle of alcohol that she broke to threaten me. I challenge anyone to be threatened in this way and not to react.

The lawyer claims this is untrue and that his client has never stolen anything.

As for the attempted rape, Hicham does not find it consistent. He doesn’t understand how no one would say anything and let him do it.

He says he receives insults and intention to sue for defamationthe one who cannot tolerate being called a rapist.

Hicham does not approve of what is happening in the video, however, he declares it loud and clear he never hit her. She understands, however, that his attempt to control her may have seemed violent.

Another victim ready to testify?

Sylvie Noachovitch discovers that the video speaks for itself. Also, she added that there would be too another victim of the same facts who also intends to speak.

Suffice it to say that this case is far from over.

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