three friends stage the heroes of the 80s

Bringing the heroes of their childhood back to life is the challenge taken up by three longtime friends from Strasbourg. The trio plans to release a book full of surprises with cartoon characters from the 1980s at the end of the year.

Goldorak, the mysterious cities of gold, Captain Flam, Tom Sawyer or Harlock 84, Whether we grew up in the 1980s or not, these names inevitably evoke something. The heroes of these cartoons have marked several generations around the world. It is also the case of Thierry Raynaud, visual artist and Dominique Ambs, photographer whose childhood was marked by these appointments in front of the television to discover the new episode of their favorite series.

The two friends have decided to undertake the production of a tribute book, combining their artistic skills. Together with Agapé Ambs for the management part of the project, the trio plans to do so publish at the end of 2022 a book containing 14 famous series from 1978 to 1986, the main characters of which will be staged in the form of miniature figurines. A project 100% handmadethrough the eyes of big children.

Figurine by Thierry Raynaud
© Hugo Favre-Napoli / Pokaa

Between 85 and 90 stickers and no less than 200 photos

The goal of the two Strasbourg artists is to be able to combine their two worlds in a single project. Thierry has been making Lego-style miniature figurines of famous people for six years. And to make the book he will have to create between 85 and 90. There are already 25 ready, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Thierry first chooses the images of the cartoon characters he wants to reproduce, then he shapes the body, sculpts and adds clothes himself : ” Generally, it takes me 15 days / 3 weeks to make one. I do everything by hand with polyurethane resin, plastic, cardboard, a bit of everything and a lot of time.”Explains the artist.

As for Dominique, aka Mononoeil, it is his responsibility to draw the portrait of these characters and stage them. No less than 200 artistic photos will be discovered in the book. And for this orthopedist who only started photographing ten years ago, it is an opportunity to share his passion Toy photography – Ed. Photographing toys and giving them life, which led him to represent France on several occasions in exhibitions in Asia. “There it is very developed. In fact, it’s a bit like the equivalent of Street art here.“Specifies.

And to find the right environment, the photographer is ready to travel for miles: “For the Golden Cities, I took the photos at the level of the pagan wall, in Mont Saint Odileto find a place that can match.

Figurine by Thierry Raynaud
© Hugo Favre-Napoli / Pokaa

Stories to remember and pass down from generation to generation

In addition to the photos, the two acolytes intend to take a look behind the scenes of the project by scrolling some shots of the making-off. But for a project that aims to wrap us in a welcoming blanket of nostalgia, what could be better than sharing the memories and anecdotes that accompany it? “The Cities of Gold is my entire childhood. We are about ten years apart with Thierry, so it is the Grendizer generation.Dominic specifies. The team plans to add small reminders for each series, with the different characters, the broadcast date and a synopsis. But many personalities will also be invited to tell their childhood memories linked to a series.

We have a list of artists we will be asking to participate for Michael Young, Mathieu Chedid or even Alexandre Astier who loves Grendizer!“promises Thierry.”We have already been able to meet Philip Lacheauhe was like crazy, the project really moved him!”Adds Agape. The three friends also slip in hopes of convincing Dorothée to write the preface to the book.

The idea is to offer an object that can bring all family members together.We want parents to be able to browse the book with their children. And everyone we met with their kids started telling them about Wednesdays they spent watching TV.”Assures Agapé. And with a release scheduled for December 2022, the book risks ending up under many fir trees. And for the project to be successful, the trio focuses everything on the spot. Thierry, Dominique and Agapé are still looking for local financial partners and entrepreneurs who are ready to support them.

To support the project, here’s where it’s happening!

Figurines by Thierry Raynaud
© Hugo Favre-Napoli / Pokaa

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