White wedding in the Tarn-et-Garonne: a couple on the hot seat after the denunciation of a crow

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Tried before the Montauban Criminal Court, this 40-something couple who claims to have lived together since their marriage in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val (Tarn-et-Garonne), denies the facts. The bride’s father is also prosecuted. The prosecutor asked for 9 months of imprisonment with suspension of the sentence and 3 years of interdiction in the territory against the bride and 9 months with suspension of the sentence also for her husband, and a fine of 1,500 euros. Approved on June 14.

Hand on the shoulder of his wife, Sylvain, a 43-year-old Gaillacois, prosecuted for a “white marriage” in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, continues to show gestures of tenderness, this Monday May 9 in front of the judges of the criminal court of Montauban . Karima, an Algerian lawyer of the same age, mother of two children, shows a lot of nervousness.
Behind them, massive, forties father, Makhlouf aka Michel, 65, a retired craftsman from Saint-Antonin remains stoic in his oversized suit. The three defendants deny the facts of this case opened in the spring of 2020 after sending several anonymous letters denouncing the “false couple” to the mayor of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, to the prosecutor of Montauban and to the CAF (family indemnity fund ).

Before the trial begins, one of the couple’s attorneys invokes a nullity plea so that Makhlouf’s final statements during his custody by border police (DCPAF) officials are not considered. “These are comments made after the hearings when he put his coat back on,” begs the council asking for the cancellation of these elements visibly compromising for the couple. “They were not collected against his will and without any questions from the police,” replied Sophie Foulquier, auditor, asking for the rejection of the nullity. President Laëtitia Zabka continued the debates recalling the numerous investigations carried out by both the gendarmes and the border police.

“Why, between the day of your meeting, October 27th and January 25th 2020, did you call each other only three times ?, asks the president.

– We don’t call every day to tell each other what we did, and she was back in Algeria around this time, defends Sylvain, declaring that he met his future wife at a spice stand in the Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val market.

– Ludo, who is he ?, continues the judge.

– He’s a friend of Vaour, carpenter.

– And your father-in-law too! Interrupts the president, remembering one of the letters from the crow denouncing the couple. It is said that it was at his home that your first meeting took place.

– I had asked Ludo to change a pile and since Michel is a plumber, we met like this “, certifies Sylvain pointing the finger at Karima’s ex-husband as the author of these letters with the support of the eldest daughter who would have manipulated. A well-informed crow who also denounces Karima’s relationship with a lover in Algeria.

“The fadette reveal regular calls to the same number, the president insists, turning to Karima.

– I often call my mother in Algeria, sometimes on the phone of a cousin.

– Other wiretaps show numerous contacts with Mrs. D. Who is this lady? Laëtitia Zabka asks Sylvain.

– A friend with whom I had a professional project and with whom I also had a romantic relationship. When I send him a long text message, it’s counted into 10 or 12 messages, Sylvain points out.

– It has rather turned into a single MMS, replies the judge, recalling that the couple’s phone calls between February and November 2020 are few, sixteen in 10 months.

– It was also Covid and imprisonment, defends Karima, reported on this point by Me Jean-Louis Pujol, Michel’s lawyer. “

More complicated to explain, the father-in-law buying a car for Sylvain. A car bought for 2,500 euros from Mrs D.’s ex-partner who was Sylvain’s mistress. “I was embarrassed that he came from Gaillac by bicycle when he couldn’t borrow a car to come to Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val,” explains Michel.

Sylvain’s personality is also questioned, living in precariousness with an integration contract and the RSA. Unconvinced by their explanations, the prosecutor asked Karima for a prison sentence with a suspension of the sentence of 9 months and 3 years of territorial interdiction, a suspended sentence of 9 months also for Sylvain and a fine of 1,500 euros. Same with the stepfather.

“The prosecutor did not oppose the marriage while the investigation was underway,” complains one of the couple’s lawyers, asking how her colleague to release her. “She has since obtained her permanent resident status. Do you think she would have been granted it if it had been a bogus marriage? “Thunders the president of Bar Pujol, Michel’s adviser. Approved on June 14.

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