Anti-aging treatments recommended by cosmetic surgeons to plump the skin and erase wrinkles

What if we told you that we have just found THE ideal solution against the first wrinkles and fine lines! Rest assured ! It’s not about going through the surgical box. Rather, it is a new generation of anti-aging treatments with secret ingredients that have the same effects as botox according to cosmetic surgeons. So here’s how to give your wrinkles a well deserved vacation.

Here are the ingredients and anti-aging treatments to be favored according to cosmetic surgeons

Oh, the wrinkles! These beautiful skin folds that attest that she lived well. And while some women like to see them on their face, others prefer to prevent or even delay their appearance. So, if you too are looking for a miraculous solution to see them disappear, you are in the right place. Is your beauty bag full of various anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products? Unfortunately, this is not always enough to reduce the signs of aging. The result ? We necessarily go through the botox box. However, it’s been a long time before some of France’s top cosmetic surgeons let us figure out how to best use their favorite anti-aging skincare products. A beauty advice that promises to revolutionize the world of cosmetics.

Food supplements and anti-aging treatments: why combine them?

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Our experts specializing in biotechnology of food supplements and anti-aging products are unanimous on this: cosmetics and food supplements for the skin are two sectors that resemble each other but which, unfortunately, do not know each other. In fact, they are synergistic. While food supplements for the skin heal from the inside, wrinkle creams act on the surface. Their complementary beneficial effects are all the more interesting after the age of fifty when the level of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases and cell renewal slows down.

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Traditional anti-aging products are not enough to fight it. They need a boost. So this is where the nutricosmetics intervene. Their purpose is to strengthen the effectiveness of external care. According to the latest clinical studies, the combination of these two worlds is the only effective way to treat the effects of skin aging, day and night.

When should you really start anti-aging treatment?

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Applying anti-aging skin care regularly is fine. But applying them at the right time is better! So when should we really add them to our beauty routine? Loss of firmness, appearance of the first skin folds, dehydration, tired appearance … From the age of 25, the skin of the face begins to age. After the Thirties, the signs of time are really felt. In short, the sooner we treat, the longer we can delay them.

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Nutricosmetics work in all layers of the skin for an optimal effect. Moisturizing and plumping, food supplements for the skin and anti-wrinkle creams penetrate deep into the skin cells. They have a strong antioxidant power to protect the face on a daily basis. Together they act as collagen stimulators and take care of the skin as soon as you sleep. The next morning, the skin is visibly more hydrated and radiant. After a few weeks, the most pronounced wrinkles should be reduced.

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Argireline, also called acetyl hexapeptide, is generally a cosmetic active ingredient of the peptide family. Quick reminder: Peptides are amino acids that increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Highly recognized for its anti-wrinkle effects, this active ingredient is used to reduce the signs of aging and erase deep wrinkles.

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In fact, it is so effective that it can almost replace botox according to cosmetic dermatologists. This is why it is already marketed by a good number of cosmetic giants in serums or night creams. And while it remains relatively new to the market, argireline definitely has what it takes to incorporate it into our daily routine.

Retinol, the anti-aging ally of size

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Retinol, also called the ally of beautiful skin, fights many skin problems, especially those related to age: wrinkles, radiance, pigment spots, firmness, etc. The ingredient of natural origin (found in the animal kingdom) is part of the retinoid family and is the active form of vitamin A. Generally retinol is used in the formulation of night creams, eye contour, moisturizing serums, exfoliators with anti-aging action shares, etc. and suitable for all skin types.

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Application tips: to use it well, it is recommended to apply the retinol-based treatment 2 or 3 times a week so that the skin gets used to it. If she tolerates treatment, you can switch to a daily routine. Retinoid-based cosmetics are generally used as a cure and not continuously. They are also not recommended for pregnant women. If you experience allergic reactions, such as tingling, tightness, peeling or redness, it means that the treatment is not suitable for your skin type.

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