Because Haaland is (awaiting Mbappé) already the transfer of the summer

DESCRIPTION – Erling Haaland will join Manchester City this summer. The Norwegian striker will enter a new dimension … and could take the last step for Skyblues.

It could be a historic summer in the transfer market. While waiting to know if Kylian Mbappé will leave PSG for Real Madrid, Erling Haaland is already in place. Manchester City announced a “agreement in principlewith Borussia Dortmund. Unless the situation changes, the Norwegian forward will wear the jersey of the reigning English champion, on track to keep the title this season. His arrival is likely to be an appointment. Here because.

Haaland, protagonist of today and tomorrow

We promise we won’t spend our time comparing them. But the appearance of the “star of today and tomorrow” already applied to Kylian Mbappé when he left AS Monaco at 18 for Paris SG. The same principle applies here to Erling Haaland, who will celebrate his 22nd birthday this year on July 21st. The Norwegian has his entire career ahead of him. According to the British press, he will play for Manchester City until 2027. he He scored 41 goals in 41 appearances for Dortmund last season and 28 goals in 29 appearances this season. His domination, in the Bundesliga as in the Champions League, is already flagrant. The Skyblues are not betting on the future. It is an insurance for the present and the future.

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The prototype of the modern attacker?

If Erling Haaland has made a name for himself so quickly, it is because his qualities are many and his flaws rare. From the height of his 94 meters, the striker has often been compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic for his impressive stature, coupled with impressive athletic potential. Haaland is tall, agile, fast with and above all without the ball. He showed lightning bolts in small spaces and the ability to chain hooks and surgical strikes, from the left as well as from the right.

Perhaps his greatest room for improvement lies in his participation in the game and his vision. His passer-by qualities exist, but they are little used in Dortmund, where most of the time he just refines the action. where it excels. Beyond his technical and physical skills, his composure is unmatched. Both on and off the pitch.

Atypical and charismatic

We call it “the cyborg“. Erling Haaland, blond hair pulled back, pale complexion and piercing blue eyes, is a man of deeds and not words. In March 2020 we shared with you the behind the scenes of his interview with the magazine. France Football. “This guy is kind of a cyborg, cold, emotionless, who doesn’t offer you much“, Explained the journalist Olivier Brossard, who compared him to Yvan Drago, antagonist of the boxer Rocky Balboa at the cinema.

This attitude gives him an atypical charisma. Almost scary. Why is he so impassive? “I do not know. I’m cool. It is like this“, he answered France Football. “He gives the impression that anything that won’t help him become the best player in the world is uselessadded Olivier Brossard. An Attila on the Unno side: where Haaland passes, the grass does not grow back.

The Missing Link in City

Already last summer, Manchester City rolled out the red carpet for Harry Kane, England captain and standard-bearer of Tottenham. The Spurs forward had remained loyal to his club forever. Frustrating for City, who came out of the first Champions League final in their history, lost to Chelsea (1-0), and were looking for this striker to take him to the last step.

Maybe that’s what the Skyblues found with Haaland. This season, Pep Guardiola has often relied on Gabriel Jesus, comfortable to attend the game but not a scorer like Haaland. Sometimes he has tried Phil Foden or Jack Grealish with a false 9, without conviction. City’s lack of realism in front of goal has cost them dearly on more than one occasion. By offering Haaland, the English club may have filled the only real flaw of their team on paper. Enough to consolidate him in the group of 5-star favorites for the coronation in C1 next season, after the failure on the edge of the semifinal against Real Madrid last week.

An XXL salary … in an XXL Premier League

Across the Channel, various media suggest a salary of just under € 30m / year for Erling Haaland. If confirmed, the Norwegian will be the highest paid player in the Premier League. This reinforces the notion ofsummer transfer“Above all, Haaland is organizing a championship that has already fascinated observers. Manchester City are about to win the duel with Liverpool at the top of the table. The poster between the Reds and Skyblues has become the new great classic of European football, and it was almost that of the Champions League final this season.

Behind them are Chelsea, reigning European champions, but also an Arsenal that finds the colors under Mikel Arteta and a Manchester United as intriguing as it is disappointing, where the return of Cristiano Ronaldo did not have the desired effect. And now a new piece, in the person of Erling Haaland, invites itself onto the English chessboard.

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