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Biathlon: explanations by Stéphane Boutiaux

This spring, to start a new Olympics that will bring the Blues to the 2026 Olympics, three-quarters of the staff of the French senior biathlon teams were kept in position. Yup Frederic Jeandeparting for family reasons, was replaced by Cyril Burdet at the head of the women’s group, with Giovanni Paolo Giachino in pairs, the tandem Vincenzo Vittoz/patrick favre it was held in place in men.

“We need to exchange, discuss and maybe find accommodations,” Cluse explained at the end of last season. For Nordic magazine, Stephane Boutiauxpatron of the French biathlon, discusses the reasons for the choice Cyril Burdet and on cases of renewed coaches. Maintenance.

  • Why did you decide to replace Frédéric Jean with Cyril Burdet at the helm of the French women’s biathlon team?

I had already discussed with Cyril [Burdet] last fall to find out how he saw his future. He replied that he was going to the end of his Olympic project with the sprinters, but that he was asking himself questions for the future. He wanted to see something else. Naturally enough, when Fred [Jean] he told me he didn’t want to leave and that Cyril has definitely left his post, I contacted him and he told me he still wanted to build on his high level experience in a new adventure. He was really interested in the project he was being offered, but he wanted to think about it.

Richard Jouve (FRA), Cyril Burdet (FRA) – Modica / NordicFocus
  • Why did you set your sights on Cyril Burdet?

You absolutely needed some top-notch training to get girls to gain consistency and I think Cyril is one of them. You have tremendous experience, scientific training, great analytical skills and are able to step back from many things. When she accepted the offer, I was really relieved and super happy for the girls to have one of the best coaches in the world!

“We needed someone charismatic to supervise this female group”Stéphane Boutiaux at Nordic Magazine

  • Cyril Burdet was therefore the obvious choice …

It was really an obvious choice because I have known him for years and he is a former biathlete, don’t forget that! He knows the discipline and will not discover it from A to Z. The results obtained with the sprinters show that the skills attributed to him are not usurped. We also needed someone charismatic to oversee this already very successful women’s group. We couldn’t afford to put in an inexperienced coach to bring him that little extra that he is missing to achieve the results of his potential.

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Cyril Burdet (FRA) – Zoom Agency
  • Before making his decision, Cyril Burdet pondered for a few weeks: Did you have a plan B in stock?

Absolutely not ! In my head, that was what we needed. I didn’t want to consider anything else. No one else was asked. I was just waiting for his answer and if, unfortunately, it was negative, I would have gone in search of someone else. But honestly, I didn’t have many ideas. I wanted him to cum so much that I was convinced that he would say yes [rires] !

“Patrick [Favre] was requested by the Italians. […] There hasn’t been a lot of push to keep it and I’m very happy with that. “Stéphane Boutiaux at Nordic Magazine

  • Cyril Burdet will then team up with Jean-Paul Giachino in the shoot, who will be back for at least a year …

One year to go to retirement! I don’t know what her future will be like after, but this year she had this desire to do. Next, I want to say that you should never say never about the future! He will be doing this third year with the girls who are happy with his way of doing and being. If it starts next spring, it will still take three years before the Olympics, which leave time to rebuild.

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Stéphane Boutiaux (FRA), Patrick Favre (ITA) – Manzoni / NordicFocus
  • Among the men, Vincent Vittoz and Patrick Favre remain in office: have there been discussions on the subject?

patrick [Favre] was requested by the Italians. With the Olympics at home in four years, they can afford a lot financially, but Patrick is really good with us, in a great atmosphere. There wasn’t much insistence on keeping it and I’m very happy with it. vincent [Vittoz] he wanted to continue too, but he had many questions, especially about family ties with very long absences. But in the end he made the decision that he makes for us [rires] !

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