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Cœurs vaillants will be released in theaters this Wednesday, starring Camille Cottin and a group of children-teenagers, all fantastic. This film against the backdrop of the Second World War is told from the height of children with a tone close to an adventure film. Focus.

What is it about?

Coeurs Vaillants retraces the odyssey of 6 Jewish children hidden during the war, who left to find refuge where no one thought of going to look for them … in the castle and park of the Chambord estate, in the midst of the hidden works of art of the Louvre. With a brave heart nothing impossible …

Duty of memory, at the height of a child

How to evoke World War II, talk about our unknown heroes, with a new look? Vaillants Hearts is a film clearly intended for a young audience, without however excluding the adult audience, indeed, but whose subject and prejudices we believe must, at all times, at heart, reach a young audience, so that it resonates with the young people of today . Go through this group of young teenagers, all fantastic, the spirit of adventure that reigns in the film, or even the music.

How can we talk about the war on children? How to raise awareness?

It’s a whole journey of reflection “. confirms director and co-screenwriter Mona Achache (who co-wrote with Valérie Zenatti, Jean Cottin, Christophe Offenstein and Anne Berest), on our microphone. “I wanted a film about war, at the height of children, which also testified to their height of mind”. And to add: “My initial wish was related to my grandmother telling me her stories of a hidden child. This was my connection point with this terrible story: I remember her conflicting emotions, between her carefree childhood and, at the same time, what it gave back terror, horror. I was fascinated by this ambivalence. I said to myself: “this is the power of childhood, it is to maintain this light-heartedness, this strength, whatever the context. It really is a great door (to talk about these subjects) “.

“Even today, of course, you have to continue to tell your stories, raise awareness on all these issues. How do you talk to children about war? How do you raise awareness? I really wanted to make a film for them, with them, At their height. So the starting point. it is historically true. We arrive at Chambord castle with boxes of paintings, as was the case during the war. The castle was used as an attic for works of art in national museums. Subsequently, fiction intervenes. (…) “

We do not look at these characters, these children, like those of yesterday, but like the children of today, with today’s emotions.

“I didn’t want to make a film that was a historical reconstruction, which today could almost be daunting for children. I really wanted to get in touch with their emotions and that was all the work with the children too, and with Camille Cottin Let’s not watch these. characters, these children, like those of yesterday, but like the children of today, with today’s emotions.

Camille Cottin evokes the inevitable resonance with current events: “How does one become a hero? Or how, how do you commit to defending your country, defending values ​​at the cost of your life? It’s hard to project until you face it, I think. “

The actress, who appears here in a rather new register for her at the cinema, underlines the importance of addressing a younger audience: “I am happy to be part of a film that is intended for children, which is for children, but which nevertheless remains a truly beautiful moment in cinema, with the same rigor and the same artistic dimension as if this film were intended exclusively for an audience. adult. And to address these questions with the children, to be able to have a discussion at the exit from the film. I think it’s also important to make films for children. For all these reasons, I was happy to participate in this project“, He confides to AlloCiné.

Unrecognizable Camille Cottin, in a new role in her career

I found this character very beautiful. He is inspired by Rose Valland, who is a somewhat unknown figure, although she was an active resistance fighter. She was curator of the Jeu de Paume. She is a very inspiring figure. I found this character’s journey truly incredible“, He adds.

8 years after Les Gazelles, the hugely successful generational comedy starring Camille Chamoux, Audrey Fleurot, Anne Brochet and even Camille Cottin, Mona Achache returns with a feature film that couldn’t be more opposite, and for which she finds actress Camille Cottin in a role far from André Martel in Ten percent or even from the famous Connasse of the short format of Canal +

We met in Gazelles, which was really the story of a group of single girls, a little lost, very funny “, remembers Mona Achache. “We find ourselves a few years later with a film to share with our children. We worked, we saw each other pregnant and here we are. Today we are in a film.” “It was Camille Chamoux who wrote Les Gazelles and introduced us to each other, who said to Mona Achache: I would very much like my friend Camille to be able to act in the film, so that was very cheerful and generous.“remembers Camille Cottin on our microphone.”It was nice to meet again a few years later. “

Valiant Hearts by Mona Achache, starring Camille Cottin and Swann Arlaud, is in theaters this Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

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