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May 12 is International Nurses Day. On the front line against Covid-19 for 2 years, nurses are in the spotlight.

What does this day correspond to?

The date of May 12 symbolizes Florence Nightingale’s birthday. This British woman lived in the 19th century and is considered the pioneer of the nursing profession.

It is at the origin of the personalized and individual follow-up of patients, but also of the educational nature of the profession.

Florence Nightingale specifically founded her own establishment, providing adequate, comprehensive and new training for healthcare professionals. Today, some of her works are still taught.

the International Council of Nurses commemorates this date every year and has communicated its first posters with the stated goals: “Investing in nursing and respecting rights to ensure global health”.

For the occasion, theFrench National Association of Registered Nurses and Students organizes a webinar which will return in particular to the health of women and nurses.

The CII has already made communication images available that everyone can post on their social networks to give strength to the movement.

The difficulty of the job

If this International Day exists, it is to help nurses who have been asking for better working conditions for years.

Better work organization is needed in nursing, which significantly reduces work overload and the risk of burnout.

Nurses represent more than a third of the total health network, yet the workforce is still insufficient. A situation that the arrival of COVID-19 has not helped.

However, this malaise does not go back to the pandemic. Already in 2018, a survey carried out by the National Union of Liberal Nurses (Sniil) said 68% of the staff questioned were considering giving up their jobs and retraining.

In question, a burnout, of which 57% feel victims of the pandemic, a figure on the rise.

Due to health restrictions, some nurses are even forced to stop practicing if they do not wish to be vaccinated.

Will unvaccinated caregivers be reinstated soon?

From 15 September 2021, the personnel of the health and medical-social facilities and services must guarantee a complete vaccination program to exercise their profession.

On January 30, 2022, the booster dose became mandatory for them too. According to Western France, over 15,000 caregivers have been suspended from their activity. Therefore, they no longer receive a salary for almost 8 months.

Health restrictions have almost all been lifted in France, but the vaccination requirement for caregivers remains one of the last in operation. At the house of Western Francethe Ministry of Solidarity and Health spoke of this measure still in force.

“We must see the vaccination obligation for healthcare workers as a measure to prevent and fight the Covid-19 epidemic, especially for the elderly or frail. Mandatory vaccination remains, for the moment, a relatively strong lever of protection for these populations vulnerable to the virus. “

Last March, President Emmanuel Macron, then visiting Maine-et-Loire, was uncompromising in the face of a weeping caregiver. “The government will not remove the vaccination obligation, I tell you in all sincerity”he assured.

However, this statement is no longer up to date as the newly re-elected president, arrested again in the Eastern Pyrenees at the end of April, gave a new answer.

“If it continues to decline in the coming weeks, we will go in this direction! “said the former Minister of Economy.

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