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The day before, the big Remparts had completed the Saguenéens sweep in the first round of the QMJHL playoffs. On Tuesday, the little Remparts started their international Quebec hockey pee-wee tournament with equal confidence, downgrading the Markham Majors by a score of 9 to 0.

This Markham team was highly anticipated as the first Greater Toronto Hockey League representative in 20 years at the tournament. It was with a bang that As de Québec, aka small Remparts for the duration of the event, welcomed them to the Videotron Center.

“You don’t want to drop a team, but at the same time we are here to prepare well. With the championship fame over there, you want to pedal to metal, “explained former Remparts and NHL glory Simon Gagné.

The latter, who plays the double role of assistant coach of the team and father of the young son Matteo, was happy that the team responded to the challenge.

We explained to the youngsters that here in the region our AAA is good, but that in this league it is even stronger. It’s the championship we’ve been talking about in the newspapers lately. The word hunger was said at the start of the game and that’s how we played. “


For Gagné and the gang of little Remparts, the doubt had been resolved after the bitter 6-0 defeat in a preseason game on Sunday against the little Philadelphia Flyers.

“After that, we didn’t really know what to expect,” he said.

“There were a lot of people tonight. [mardi] to come and cheer for us. I found it beautiful. Like dad, he comes to get you, ”said the one whose heir provided an assist to the last goal.

two guns

It wasn’t just the players who flew on the ice. Even the headgear, as two forwards have completed hat-tricks, namely Louis-Émile Dumais and Matys St-Gelais.

“I particularly liked the feeling when the announcer says: “His third goal of the match, Louis-Émile Dumais!” Everyone screams and it’s really cool. This is the most exciting moment “, said the young Dumais after the feat, visibly at ease in the spotlight.

At his side, his accomplice St-Gelais seemed equally astonished by the magnitude of the moment.

“I was expecting a great one game 2-1, something like that. We came out strong. It’s exciting, there were a lot of people in the stands, it’s thrilling, “smiled the skilled scorer.

The soundtrack was completed by Félix Vachon, Sam Rochette and Léo-Gabriel Gosselin.

Les petits Remparts will be back in action on Friday night (6pm) against the winners of Wednesday morning’s duel between Providence Hockey Club and Huron Perth Lakers.

The Quebec Star women’s team commands respect

In their first match, the girls of Équipe Québec Étoiles Féminin showed that the boys on their path would do better to be careful, thanks to a 3 to 1 victory over Paris Evry-Viry, in the BB category.

“It’s always a great lesson in humility for kids of this age”, then recalled the one who was behind the creation of the first all-female team at the pee tournament, in 2016, and who is now a coach. Caroline Ouellette.

“These guys will grow up respecting girls, both in hockey and in life,” the former striker rightly added.

savor the moment

The young ladies looked quite nervous at the start of the match and it was the Parisians who scored first.

After the ants were chased away, a clear-cut dominance was established, with the networks of Élizabeth Bélanger, Béatrice Turcotte and Raphaëlle Niquette.

“They were told to enjoy the moment on their first round on the ice during the warm-up. They had to realize that there is nowhere else in the world they would have wanted to be.

“Later, the girls played with more confidence. The passing game has improved and overall the game has been solid, “Ouellette analyzed.

Some progress

Last week, the Quebec Hockey Development Commission report highlighted the importance of investing in women’s hockey. Caroline Ouellette couldn’t agree more.

“Girls often quit hockey between the ages of nine and 12. We have to keep them in sport. We have a lot of work to do and that’s what the report says.

“In Ontario, there are eight full-time employees working in women’s hockey. There is only one coordinator at Hockey Québec. In my opinion, it takes at least two, including one person who will coordinate everything that is elite, ”said the quadruple Olympic gold medalist.

In her eyes, the all-female team that has played in the Quebec tournament since 2016 continues to inspire younger players who are growing up.

“Now we see young girls at the novice and atom level dreaming of being part of this team at the tournament,” said Ouellette.


9:15 a.m.

Hungarian talent v. | New York Rangers

10:30 AAA

Providence Hockey Club 2 vs. | Huron Perth Lakers

11:45 BB

Northeast Quebec Harfangs c. | Punk Hockey Academy

13:00 School

Vermont Flames v. | Academy of the Arsenal of Saint Louis

14:15 BB

Richelieu predators c. | Gatineau Ambassadors

15:30 SCHOOL

Dynamics of Charles-Lemoyne c. | Lucile Teasdale Diabolos

16:45 School

Claretian College of the Grail c. | Jacques Leber Arsenal

18:00 AAA

Montreal Canadians c. | HS line

19:15 AAA

Czech knights v. | islanders of Middlesex

20:30 AAA

New Jersey Devils v. | North Shore Winter Club

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