her participation in Cleaners, her life as a mother-in-law, her darling, her job as an influencer … The former reality show candidate confides in her!

To your sponges and garbage bags, get ready, clean! This is, in a nutshell, the idea behind it Cleaners. Domestic experts are back on duty on TFX for a third season starting Wednesday 11 May. The faithful of the program will find Audelinea young Belgian of 39 years, who would like to find the house of her childhood, completely overrun by waste, but also yamina, a 33-year-old Bordeaux woman who some already know. And for good reason, the bubbly brunette made a name for herself in 2017 by participating in the first season of 10 perfect pairs on the same channel. But since 2018 she has been much more discreet on television. Because it is on social media that she now presides as an influencer (more than 500,000 subscribers on Instagram). The young woman returns, however Telesvagoon this new experience.

Cleaners ? A real therapy!

Telesvago : Why are you attending Cleaners ?

Yamina Niya : I’m not dirty, but messy. I like to clean, organize, have a clean house, but I don’t mind putting my messes under the bed, rolling around in the lockers. I can’t fold my clothes! When I no longer need something, I put it down. As with many people, tidying up involves moving the pile of clothes onto a chair.

Have you seen the show?

Yes, I had seen the episode with my girlfriend Maeva (Martinez, ed). Also, next weekend, he’ll finally see my dressing room tidied up for the first time in his life. (She laughs.)

Have you become a tidying professional thanks to the show?

Honestly I got involved, my disorganization was creating discussions with my spouse (Clément, ed). After Claude’s visit he was so neat and clean that I really went into it. It’s been a month and a half and I want to!

We feel it did you good …

It was therapy. I had such a loud click, which allowed me to see that he was also undermining Clément.

A new family life

You are now installed with your darling, Cement, and her two children. How is the mother-in-law’s daily life going?

Very good ! I was an au pair when I was little, I often took care of children, it’s like it was innate in me. Besides, I’m also a bit of a woman-child, so I get along well with them. (She laughs.)

Did it give you cravings?

Yes, we have already discussed this. I’m 33. We are waiting to finish settling down, to travel a bit and I think it will be a project for next year.

Tell us your story …

We met two years ago through a friend I had met through Instagram, to do a collaboration. At the time, I was making YouTube videos where I talked about my celibacy and dates. It was a little humorous. This friend thought I would be fine with her friend. We met and it was love at first sight. But at first I told myself that she was 40 and had two children, it was no. Maybe it was too much for me. But three days later, I dreamed it and I was in love in my dream. And suddenly, BOOM! Then we sped up everything. We got engaged after a year. We bought after a year and three months. After a certain age, we know you are the right person and are finally ready to make concessions.

Reality tv? “I have given enough

Are you going to do television again?

No, apart from benevolent programs like Cleaners. But confined reality TV, no. I’ve given enough and I don’t necessarily like the image it conveys, especially for women. I did it, I managed to be myself and not play a game, when I formed 10 perfect pairs, apart Illan (Castronovo, note), we were all novices. Today I don’t find this freshness and this innocence. Now, the candidates know very well that later they will want to go to Instagram, what role they have to fill … I would not recognize myself there. It’s more TV than reality, and that’s a shame! And since I’m 33 too, I moved on.

That’s right, tell us about your new life …

I have been an influencer and content creator for four years. I’ve always had this taste for taking photos and creating videos. Except before, I didn’t know you could get paid to do it. I don’t pose with a filter and a promotional code, I choose the brands I work with to create quality content. I also deal with communication for restaurants in Bordeaux. For me it’s a job, not a hobby. I work a lot, edit, manage everything. A lot of people do it after television, but it’s wearing out. There are examples of girls for whom it has exploded, but it remains rare. I did a Master 1 in communication and marketing, I don’t like buzz and drama. I provide quality work and that’s why people stayed.

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