INTERVIEW – Anne-Sophie (Koh-Lanta 2022): “My husband was there to support me”

In the last episode of Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem pole aired this Tuesday May 10, 2022, Anne-Sophie was removed from the board. Footballer Anthony Mounier’s wife spoke about the highlights of her adventure with

The noose is tightening for adventurers from Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem polewho now all live together under the white flag, and who compete in individual events for several weeks. This Tuesday, May 10, 2022, is Anne-Sophie who paid the price for the former reds’ alliance and was eliminated from the board a week after friend Yannick. The 35-year-old sports coach he had hoped that the votes of his teammates would go well his shoulder Olgawhich held a collar of immunity, but nothing happened as he had hoped.

This elimination remains bitter for the beautiful blonde Montpellier, not used to defeat. Married to French footballer Anthony Mounier, who has passed away several Ligue 1 clubs including Olympique Lyonnais, OGC Nice or Montpellier, Anne-Sophie followed her husband In Greece, when he joined GS Kallithéa in the second division. They live there with theirs two boys since 2017. Daily, daughter of the legionnaire taught Jump Kangoo, a sport that consists in bouncing vigorously on shoes with springs. What it was leader of the yellow team she returned to her Koh-Lanta adventure in detail for

>> PHOTO – Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem: the 24 new adventurers of the game In your portrait you explain that there is a lot for your husband, Anthony Mounier, at home. By participating in this show, did you also want to prove that you are a warrior?

Anna Sofia: Basically, I really wanted to do this adventure for myself. It is true that I have always been dependent on my parents, then on my husband. But I still need to measure myself, to know what I’m capable of. I grew up as a little warrior with my father who was a legionnaire, in a severe and rude way. And then, as a mother, I had to show that even a mother can do amazing things. Daughter of a legionnaire, kangoo jumping sports trainer … you are very athletic and you have discipline every day. Did you have any special training for Koh-Lanta?

Anna Sofia: Since I do sports every day, I told myself I was in physical condition. I also did a lot of mental preparation to be able to leave my children and not feel guilty. Other than mentally, I have not physically prepared for Koh-Lanta. And I should have.

“My husband supported me and reassured me a lot” I guess your husband empowered you a bit at home before going into the adventure?

Anna Sofia: Oh yes a lot! Mentally, she did a great job on me. She reassured me every day by telling me that I could leave with my head free, that now I could also be selfish and think a little about myself. He told me : “I’m mentally ready, your mom is there to help me, you can go”. He supported and reassured me a lot and this helped me. Physically, he was also there to help me grow. I was tired after class and he was motivating me to go and train. He told me : “you won’t go home if you haven’t been reunited”. I was still under a little pressure! What was the most difficult thing for you in terms of survival?

Anna Sofia: Clearly, hunger is very complicated, we have only dreamed of it. And also the cold. The rain, the wet sleep … we were freezing! I still have a bad memory of it today. How much weight did you lose during your 27 days of adventure?

Anna Sofia: I was 52 kg when I got home, because I had gained some weight to have some reserves, so I was a little overweight compared to my ideal weight. And when I got out I weighed 46 kg. You performed very well, often finishing at the top of the rankings in events and also becoming the leader of the yellow team. What is your greatest pride?

Anna Sofia: My greatest pride is that I lasted as long as possible. I have always tried to fight despite the fatigue, despite being exhausted. But I didn’t give up and I’m proud of it. You were determined to win your last immunity test, this famous obstacle course, yet you finished second. What happened ?

Anna Sofia: In fact, I ran out quickly. The obstacle course is still a test that is very close to my heart, compared to my father and his career in the military. The obstacle course marked his days! So I thought I had to win the one for him. Well, as a reminder, we had just spent a night in the rain, ate a little bit of rice, we were very weak and still faced a team that had just eaten well and slept dry … that changes everything!

“It bothered me to see François lead the game” You are still quite a complete adventurer because you have shown us a very strategic side. Have you discovered this aspect of yourself on the island?

Anna Sofia: I found out completely. He didn’t appear in my portrait, but I was asked how I approached the strategy. I replied that I was by no means a strategist. But actually, yes. It arises from the fact that I have felt in danger and that I find solutions to stay. It bothered me to see François lead the game, it bothered me to see the reds take us out one by one. So even though it was hard to think at this stage of the game, I had to try some strategies. Even on the show, when we hear Denis (ed Brogniart) say: “Anne-Sophie, the skilled strategist …”, I’m kidding! What would you like to change in your adventure?

Anna Sofia: I am a person who usually has no regrets, but here I really struggle to get over my elimination. I had the strategy, I felt in danger, I had Olga’s necklace and yet I didn’t follow my intuition. So I keep rewriting the script and I tell myself it’s really a shame, because we could have both saved. This is what I would change in the adventure. How was your exit from Koh-Lanta once you entered the jury members’ house?

Anna Sofia: I was finally able to eat! But on the other hand we are rationed. We only eat starchy foods, meat and fish without sauce, grilled vegetables, fruit to have some sugar, we limit ourselves to one chocolate a day … we are very vigilant because we must not shock the body. But we, at that moment, don’t care, we just want to eat anything and everything! Once back home, we can finally eat a big greasy hamburger, lots of sugar, Nutella… Even now the relationship with food is difficult. Most of us are slightly overweight. What did your husband, your children, your parents think of your career?

Anna Sofia: They are very proud! Plus, it makes me feel good because I’m not as proud of myself as they are. My mom watches episode of the week at least twice a day in replay. He’s so cute ! And when my boys see the commercial for the show, they are like crazy, they shout: “Mom, it’s Koh-Lanta, it’s you on TV!”. They have stars in their eyes and that’s the most important thing.

Photo credits: A.ISSOCK / ALP / TF1

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