Manuela Lopez, Sébastien Courivaud, Lynda Lacoste, Rochelle Redfield … What happened to the former actors? (IMAGES)

Thirty years! What a series apart Elena and the boys can it boast of having crossed generations to such an extent? His producer, Jean-Luc Azoulay, perhaps would not have suspected that his series, launched on 11 May 1992 on TF1, would become such a phenomenon. Phenomenon that launched the careers of several actors still on the poster for mysteries of love Today. But if the emblematic Hélène Rollès, Patrick Puydebat, Sébastien Roch, Laly Meignan, Laure Guibert and Philippe Vasseur, have continued to embody this group of friends on TV, some actors, who have passed in the series, have turned the page. Karine Lollichon, Manuela Lopez, Sébastien Courivaud … they too spent the best hoursElena and the boys! So what happened to them? We’ll let you know while we wait perhaps … to see them again inside The mysteries of love!

Karine Lollichon writes for … tomorrow belongs to us !

Karine Lollichon (Nathalie, 55): The one who played the plague of the band converted to writing screenplays for cartoons and fiction. To his credit: Lyoko Code, Polo shirt, Maya the bee … but also More beautiful life (which should end in style) and, since 2017, Tomorrow belongs to us.

Sébastien Courivaud (Sébastien, 53): After playing Laly’s lover and the bassist of Nicolas’s band, he plays in artists’ studio (France 2, 1997), he then lent his voice to documentaries. In the wake of the birth of his daughter Louna, in 2001, he devoted himself more to family life and then returned to the small screen in 2008, getting the lead role of Second chance (TF1). More discreet since then, he also works as a photographer.

Nicolas Bikialo (Christophe, 48): This musician who lent his features to the band’s drummer and friend of Christian in Elena and the boys then The miracle of lovehe collaborated with Francis Cabrel and composed the music for the films Exit (2000) and The Red Siren (2002), but also from the show Julie’s notebooks (France 3) and Yves Rénier’s TV movie which aired in 2018, I just wanted to go home (France 2).

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Rochelle Redfield rebuilt her life in the United States

Rochelle Redfield (Johanna, 59): After leavingElena and the boys, the American actress, famous interpreter of Johanna, the lover of Cri-cri d’amour, returns in two Holidays of love, then in some episodes of Mysteries of love. He also plays small roles in some French series and films. Based in the United States, she is she a painter and illustrator and a mother of four children whose faces she recently unveiled for the first time.

David Brécourt (Thomas Fava, 57): He particularly lent his features to Doctor Baptiste Mondino in Under the sun (1997-2004), but he never stopped shooting. Tramontana, Cherif, Address unknown … the comedian, father of four, has starred in twenty television series in twenty years. Most recent: Léo Matteï, minor brigade, in 2019. At the same time, on stage is also David Brécourt with to his credit, in particular, eight songs by his friend Philippe Lellouche.

Olivier Casadesus (Olivier, 51): Present in Elena and the boys, The miracle of love And love holidaythe actor also starred in Under the sun with Benedetto Delmas. Model, he posed for Lanvin and Rodania. It’s hard to know what he’s doing today.

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Manuela Lopez has become a sophrologist

Manuela Lopez (Manuela, 49): also singer, Manuela Lopez has released several albums, in which she played The miracle of love, The holidays of love, Under the sun, Léa Parker or SOS 18, she has been raising dogs for ten years and has written a book, which began in 2017, a kind of diary in which she tells her story. Back inside The mysteries of love in 2019 she leaves after two years, disappointed by her character. She who has been suffering from cardiomyopathy since she was 35 and “almost wasn’t there” (she wrote Tako-Tsubo, you broke my heart in April 2021, ed. Michel Lafon), Manuela Lopez lives with a defibrillator near her heart and is now a sophrologist in Brest.

Lynda Lacoste (Lynda, 55): Apart from some animation on MCM, Match TV, IDF1 in the late 2000s, a role in the series Lola, who are you Lola? (France 2) and an appearance in the series sex and the city, the Australian is off the radar. She is married to businessman Bruno Bensoussan, she is the mother of a child, James, born in 2007.

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