Patrick Puydebat, Hélène Rollès… Everyone remembers their first day in the series!

Happy birthday Elena and the boys! Thirty years ago until today, on 11 May 1992, TF1 viewers discovered Jean-Luc Azoulay’s cult sitcom. Sitcom that will change their lives and that of their actors: embodying these young students tormented by their romantic feelings between the garage and the bar, Hélène Rollès, Patrick Puydebat, Sébastien Roch, Laly Meignan, Laure Guibert, Philippe Vasseur, Cathy Andrieu and David Proux, embarked on an adventure that, at the time they did not know, would never stop. Stars of mysteries of love aired every Saturday and Sunday on TMC, they remember their very first steps in the series they recently paid tribute to by playing the credits.

“I looked like a lampshade”, recalls Patrick Puydebat

Patrick Puydebat (Nicola): “I was given an incredible brush. I looked like a lampshade! Then I found myself in apple green tank tops, while I was thick as a thread, in the pool. With my brushing it was perfect. [Il rit.] He was in the gym, with David Proux [Étienne] and Sebastian Roch [Christian] and of course we were talking about girls. By the end of this sequence, I had injured my wrist while typing in a punching bag.

Helen Rolles (Elena): “Jean-Luc took me there long before shooting started, showed me the sets and asked me what I wanted the series to be called: Hélène and the boys or Campus? I’d rather Campus and so he chose Elena and the boys. [Elle rit].

Laly Meignan (Laly) : “It was a sequence in the famous café. ‘ I had to say: ‘ Well, my name is Laly ». I was petrified because there were a lot of cameras and people on the set, I was shooting with actors who had been there for a year and I was taking the place of the actors [Cathy Andrieu et David Proux, ndlr] which enjoyed great popularity. It was a little tricky, it went fast and I had never filmed. I was doing dance and my studies. I was a little shy. “

“I was wondering what you were doing there.“, Says Laure Guibert

Sebastiano Rocco (Christian): “I was the last of the gang to be picked. It was a Tuesday and we were shooting Thursday. That same night, I had dinner with these beautiful girls and these incredibly handsome boys. Then we went to visit the studio. I felt like I was. in Hollywood. Thursday I was like, ‘You’ll have to move around to be able to see yourself next to all these handsome guys …‘I put a lot of energy into it. “

Laura Guiberto (Blessed): “I was so nervous, paralyzing the fear of the stage. I was very well received by Hélène, Rochelle [Redfield, qui incarnait Johanna, ndlr] and Kathy [Andrieu], with whom I shot my first scene, but I was wondering a bit what I was doing there and especially if I would be up to it. Soon after, I went on tour with Philippe [Vasseur, alias José, son éternel amoureux]. It was a bit like me, it came from the decoration. With Philippe it went very well because we were somehow in the same state. There was a lot of empathy, mutual support and goodwill between us in this service.

“I looked like an SNCF sandwich”, recalls Phillipe Vasseur

Philip Vasseur (Giuse): “I got to the third episode. My first sequence was in the gym with girls who told me I was muscular when it looked like an SNCF sandwich, like Renaud said [dans la chanson Marche à l’ombre, ndlr]. I was terrified of the stage. “

David Proux (Etienne): “My earliest memory is the casting. I met Cathy there [Andrieu, ndlr], who I was told would be my partner if I was selected. There, even before I got through the audition, I knew two things: that I was going to be involved in the show and that Cathy was going to be the mother of my children. It was like proof, as if it had been written. “

Cathy Andrieu (Cathy): “I will remember it for a lifetime. I was scared to death. I hesitated for a long time to accept the role because I was not an actress and had a southern accent. [Elle rit]. I liked being a model at the time. I had attended the Dorothée Club and the casting director had noticed me. I had to do some extra work but Jean-Luc Azoulay said to me: “Cathy, it’s you” and I said “No, I don’t want to!” [Elle rit]. She persisted for a week and in the end I accepted. “

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