Relatives try to kidnap the widower’s son and relics

When the man opened his late wife’s safe, he assumed it contained only her family jewels. But as he rummaged through the papers it contained, he found a will that revealed her “desire for him” for him.

The loss of a loved one can be heartbreaking, but the worst thing would be to go home and find that everything that belonged to them is gone. The redditor Arctic-Flamingo he found himself in a similar situation after the death of his wife Suzanne.

This widower, father of two beautiful children, initially thought his wife’s family was there to support him in this difficult ordeal. However, he hadn’t imagined that their interest in his late wife’s precious possessions would lead him to discover his secret will and desire for her.

This man lost his wife in an accident that seriously injured his son. He was mourning his wife when the family stepped in and she took care of everything, including her funeral.

Soon after, he received a call from his late wife’s older sister, who wanted to get some items inherited from her grandmother.

The widower felt like a guest at his wife’s funeral, as he couldn’t stay there for long. His time was split between the ceremony and his son Zach’s surgery, scheduled for the same day.

While the man was in mourning, his conscience prompted him to take care of his son and not worry about formalities. He trusted his instincts in him and handed his checkbook to his in-laws before leaving for Zach’s surgery. But what happened next was a nightmare for him.

The father of two was grieving the loss of his wife as things slowly took a different direction. | Source: Pexel

The widower already knew that his late wife’s family wanted to take some of his belongings as a memento. He understood their feelings and agreed because he couldn’t say no to them, especially at such an exciting time.

A few hours later, his wife’s older sister told him he needed time for himself and offered to accompany his younger son PJ. However, the father sternly refused, hiding his anger.

“I rejected that idea before she even understood it, even though I tried not to show my anger,” she explained.

But when he got home, he found that his house was almost empty. Since he and his children were not there, his in-laws took virtually everything in, which they assumed was his wife.

When the man returned home, he found his home in an almost empty state. | Source: Pexel

The widower let things go for a while due to the stress and felt that it was not the right time to deal with them. However, shortly thereafter, he received a call from his late wife’s elder sister, asking about the items inherited from her grandmother. It was there that he remembered a safe that his wife had.

“I never thought we needed it,” he explained.

For so long, until his sister-in-law asked him, the man had almost forgotten about the inherited items. In fact, he found the jewels in the safe and decided not to give them to the in-laws. He then searched the contents of the safe and found a will in the newspapers.

He is baffled, as he could never have imagined what was written in these. Although it is informal, the details it contains can be applied. He then decided to contact his lawyer and, in addition to his will, he also informed him of everything that his in-laws had taken away from him, claiming it was that of his deceased wife.

They compiled a list of items to be returned and sent a written request to the in-laws. But a surprising response came a month later, from another lawyer, saying that the widower had granted “permission” and that the alleged items in question were therefore “gifts”.

Together with the family jewels, the widower found his wife’s will in the safe. | Source: Unsplash

The widower ended up telling himself that he was going to have a legal conflict with his wife’s family. But before he could go any further, he got a call from his mother-in-law.

She specifically attacked him for refusing to send his children home during the holidays. Since he had always been close to his mother-in-law, he found it strange that in this case he was allying himself with the family against him.

Frustrated, he turned to Reddit’s “Off My Chest” forum to voice his struggles. But after reading his story, several people came forward and encouraged him to face his in-laws in court.

The man predicted a legal battle with his in-laws. | Source: Pexel

The most voted comment of the post is that of the redditor urgrace_ladysnob, who was furious at all that man went through. “It makes me so mad. We had the same problem when my brother died,” the Redditor said, adding:

“People steal [juron] saying they wanted to “be in his room one last time”. However, we took out all the valuables before people’s deaths, but those sentimental things … are worth more than money. “

As the discussion progresses, more and more people like the redditor MischiefXOagreed that OP will face her in-laws in court.

“When my current husband’s mother died, the family went out of the woods to get her things … It’s disgusting to see how people behave. It’s like the whole family is just waiting to enjoy her death.” the user said.

People on Reddit advised the widower to settle the matter in court. | Source: Pexel

Even though the widower claimed that his wife’s family was not bad, he thought she had been behaving strangely since his wife died.

As for the will left by his late wife, he revealed that he wanted all heirloom jewelry to go to their daughter, if they had one. But since the couple had two children, the family jewels had to be passed on to them, and then to their daughters.

Meanwhile, the man was determined to move heaven and earth to restore his son Zach to health. And whenever his children asked him about their missing items, his father comforted them by lying to them.

“More than once, one of them asked where this or that was, and I told them that their aunts had ‘borrowed’ them,” she revealed.

Outside of his problems with in-laws, the man has focused on getting Zach back to health. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to ponder:

What would you do if loved ones appropriated your loved one’s property while you were grieving?

This widower gave up when his in-laws took almost everything into his home, thinking it belonged to his late wife. But he decided to face them in court and take back his property after reading his will. How do you react to loved ones who believe they have the right to appropriate the precious possessions of a deceased loved one?

Do you think the widower should sue his wife’s family for theft?

Many people who sympathized with this man over the loss of his wife also suggested that he sued his in-laws for stripping him of what was left of his memories. What would you advise this man and how would you get out of a similar situation?

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