The woman continues to dream that her dead husband asks her to open their bedroom drawer

A woman mourning her late husband kept dreaming that he was telling her to open their bedroom drawer: what she found there changed her life.

“Ghosts don’t exist!” Grace Stone yelled in front of her bathroom mirror. She had woken early in the morning from a dream that confused her and, for some reason, got on her nerves.

The widow had been mourning her late husband, Ryan, for two months and had been dreaming of him ever since. When the dreams started she thought it was her because she still hadn’t been able to let him go, then they escalated and started to feel real every time.

What she had the night before is the most vivid dream she ever had of her late husband. She was walking along the beach, which they liked to do together. Her husband walked in front of her, only a few paces ahead of her; however, she couldn’t reach him, no matter how fast she walked or ran.

Desperate, she called to him, her arms outstretched, and as if he had felt his hand on her shoulder, she stopped and spoke to her.

“Open the drawer,” he said without turning around.

“The drawer?” he asked and woke up.

This drawer exists, but it is in their bedroom, the very place where they spent so many good times together. Grace was afraid to go in to put away her husband’s stuff, so she hadn’t touched it.

Note that she had moved into the guest room after her husband’s death and only returned when she wanted to feel his persistent presence, which often happened in the first few weeks after his death.

Grace mustered the courage to enter their room. | Source: Pexel

Ghosts don’t existhe said again, washing his face and looking at himself once more. You are not crazy. Yet there must be something symbolic in this drawershe thought.

Later that day, she found the courage to walk into their bedroom, immediately making her way to the drawer where her late husband stored her things.

There were three drawers; the former contained a few stationery items while the latter contained several different types of items, including a tiny female gnome that was quite cute to look at.

“Oh Ryan,” Grace whispered, holding the figurine to her chest.

Her husband loved gnomes, and she remembered the excitement she had felt when one day she found the little figure at a garage sale.

After crying silently for several minutes, Grace opened the last drawer, but it contained only a brown envelope. With shaking hands, she took it, feeling its lightness.

Grace opened the last drawer, but it contained nothing but a brown envelope. | Source: Pexel

He opened it and saw some papers inside; the widow had no idea what the documents were in the drawer, but she was convinced they contained something important.

“Ghosts can be real after all,” he said.

Along with the documents was a photo of an unknown boy and a business card with only his name and number. For now she put them aside, then she took the picture and focused on the baby. Thus, she quickly noticed that she looked a lot like her late husband.

You should stop now before you find something you will regretsaid a voice in his head. However, it was too late. Grace had to know. She quickly took the papers and went through them, but there was no clue as to the boy’s identity.

“Who is this guy ?”He wondered. “Or is it just an old photo of him? Or she betrayed you “he told himself.

With enthusiasm, Grace banished the voice and thought that haunted her. Her husband had always been faithful to her. And she would never disrespect him.

Grace tried to shake off the idea that her husband cheated on her while she was alive Source: Pexel

Also, the boy looked like a five-year-old around the time she and Ryan got married. “Was it decided to adopt a child without telling me?”He wondered.

As he thought about it, the business card caught his attention again, so he picked it up, picked up the phone, and then dialed the number. “It’s the Agence du Ferret, how can I help you?” a male voice asked.

“Er, hi, I’m Grace Stone and I found your business card in my late husband’s business,” she said.

“What was his name?” the man asked.

“Ryan Stone.”

At that point, he suddenly hesitated and began to give vague answers, which forced Grace to end the call and decide to visit him in person.

The next day she went to see him, but he didn’t want to talk about her husband and the business they had together. So she had to shed a few tears to get the man to reveal her secret about her.

Indeed, he ended up giving in and telling her everything when he could no longer bear to see her cry. According to him, Grace’s late husband had been with a woman before he met her. They had been separated for several weeks when Ryan was introduced to Grace.

Grace decided to call the number on the business card she found | Source: Pexel

When the woman revealed that she was carrying her son, Ryan found himself in a dilemma; he did not want to give up on his son and was not ready to face the loss of the love of his life.

“Please hold little Mia,” the woman begged one day during the phone call.

“Do you really want to be a father?” he asked her.

“Yes, I do. I am also willing to pay you to keep this baby alive and healthy,” he replied.

“How much are we talking about here?” Mia said, licking her lips. They both sorted things out, and then she started sending her money, just to make sure she had everything she needed.

However, things took another turn when she was told the baby was stillborn. While Ryan wanted to become a father, Mia had conspired with one of the nurses to swap their baby for another, deceased, behind her back.

Mia wanted to have a healthy baby, but when she realized that hers had a birth problem, she got rid of it, so Ryan didn’t get a chance to meet her son. I’ll spare us the headache of having to raise such a child, she thought to herself, hiding the truth from Ryan.

It wasn’t until one day, when he went for a medical check-up at the same hospital where the baby was born, that Ryan found out what Mia had done.

Another nurse who was present during the birth saw him and asked about his “boy”, wanting to know if he could now communicate since he was born deaf.

Ryan had gone to the same hospital where his son was born for a medical checkup when he found out what Mia had done | Source: Pexel

Ryan replied that the baby was dead, but the woman took him aside and told him there had been a baby, but he was deaf.

“What happened to the baby?” he asked her.

“I was not the nurse in charge, I was just assisting him but I am absolutely certain that your baby was born alive”.

After this discovery, Ryan decided to find his son. He even contacted Mia, telling her that he knew what she had done, but he was only interested in where he was her son.

“If you know what happened, you should also know that I have never been able to see him since I left him,” she told him before hanging up. Faced with the lack of information, Ryan then hired a private investigator who found the boy a month later.

“He wanted to tell you everything,” Detective Willie Barnes told Grace.

“Why didn’t he do it?” she whispered.

“He thought he had time,” Barnes said softly.

He didn’t need to say more. Her husband died in a car accident on his way home from work, shortly after finding out where her son was.

Grace asked for the coordinates of the orphanage and decided to adopt the boy who very much reminded her of her husband. The first night that the child spent in her house that belonged to her and her to Ryan, Grace dreamed of her husband.

This time, instead of chasing him, she walked beside him, and when they reached the end of the beach, he turned to her, kissed her and said “Thank you. Goodbye” and disappeared. It was the last time she would have had that dream, and deep down she Grace she knew she had made the right choice.

Grace adopted Ryan’s son from the orphanage | Source: Pexel

What have we learned from this story?

  • Your thoughts are different from who you are. When Grace finally opened the drawer, she was plagued by negative thoughts that could have prompted her to make negative decisions; however, she was also aware that these thoughts were not meant to override her, so she banished them from her mind, thus immediately freeing herself from their hold.
  • Do it now; later it may be too late. Ryan waited to tell his wife about his son, thinking he had plenty of time, until suddenly she had none at all. Because of this mistake, Grace had to figure it out on her own, and he had to help her too after her death.

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