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May 5, 2022, commemoration of the international day of midwives. It has been 100 years since the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) was founded in 1922. This year’s theme is ” 100 years of progress “.

In Goma, for example, various activities have been organized by the Congolese Society of Obstetrics with the acronym SCOSAF in collaboration with UNFPA with the following sub-theme: Status of obstetric practice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and North Kivu.

In her speech, the first vice president of SCOSAF North Kivu, Ms. Micheline BAGUMA, called on girls and women in general to honor this centenary and to avail themselves of quality care to improve health and contribute to the fight against maternal death. ” It is more urgent than ever to prevent one of the most serious tragedies of our time: the unnecessary death and suffering that affects millions of women every year …“. While welcoming the findings of the Report on the State of Obstetrics in the World, the fruit of the work of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), carried out with the World Health Organization, the International Confederation of Midwives and several others organizations, Ms Micheline also hailed the progress made by the profession of midwife over the past decade in the DRC thanks on the one hand to political will and on the other hand to the development of the pillar of associations such as SCOSAF which is aligned with norms and standards international as well as in support of partners For example, offering family planning services has been very successful in North Kivu and is an ongoing activity in target health facilities in several health areas thanks to the support of UNFPA.

For his part, the Provincial Minister of Health of North Kivu, Me Prisca Luanda KAMALA

The facts show that the health of a mother is an important condition for the health of the unborn child, infant or child under the age of 5. Quality obstetric services, coordinated and integrated in the local context and in the health system, guarantee assistance during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum “, he said, criticizing the fact that too many women and babies, mostly poor and disadvantaged, in both rural and urban areas, die from lack of access to a functioning health system, adequate equipment or skilled health professionals.

Two birds with one stone, the day of 5 May was marked in Goma by a free offer of services to pregnant women and girls and boys in the fields of family planning, support for maternity providers in clinical tutoring and swearing in of midwives newly qualified.

The oath of recent graduates in obstetrics in Goma

In Kindu, the midwives of the Congo Action youth association distributed hygiene kits for childbirth to 300 women from three municipalities in the city of Kindu, including Kasuku, Mikelenge and Alunguli, women visibly pregnant and affected by the flooding of torrential rain fall on the night of 20 to 21 April in the city. During this time, the midwives showed the women the importance of this kit and informed them about the vaccination schedule and warning signs during pregnancy.

In Beni, the highlight of the day was marked by the swearing in of the new midwives, the offer of service in the camp for internally displaced persons settled in the health area of ​​Ngongolio where 70 women and men, all internally displaced, came from areas afflicted by the precariousness caused by the attacks of the ADF and the militiamen in May-May. A visit to the facilities of the midwifery section of ISTM Beni was organized which did not leave SCOSAF Beni indifferent, who expressed great joy in seeing UNFPA provide them with support for the success of this memorial day.

100 years of progress, UNFPA renews its solidarity with all midwives

International Midwives Day, celebrated this May 5, 2022, is not just a commemorative day, but a day of solidarity with all midwives around the world and a day of decision and commitment to save the lives of women and children and their contributions to sexual, reproductive, maternal, neonatal, infant and adolescent health “.

These are the words of Dr. Jean-Paul MAKAY of UNFPA Goma from the top of the grandstand of the meeting room of the Heal Africa Hospital in Goma. According to him, the international community has established the international day of midwives not only to motivate this category of human resources but above all to support the training and rational use of midwives because they play an essential role in the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) .

I also reaffirm the determination of UNFPA to continue supporting our heroines, the midwives, who day and night save the lives of our women, mothers, sisters and daughters. “.

It should be noted that UNFPA, aware of the crucial role midwives play in the survival of mothers and babies, as well as in achieving three transformative outcomes, namely zero preventable maternal deaths, zero unmet needs in family planning and zero gender-based violence beyond to harmful traditional practices such as early marriage, she has chosen to contribute to the development of the midwife profession to reduce maternal deaths and accelerate progress towards achieving goal 3 of sustainable development, namely good health.

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