Violence in Montpellier: “With these two cases in quick succession, I feel like a monster”

An unprecedented 24-year-old Montpellier resident appeared at the court hearing on Tuesday, May 10, for two separate acts of violence that resulted in incapacity of 15 and 45 days.

“That day I woke up in the hospital with a fractured jaw. I didn’t know why. It was the nurses who explained to me that I had been punched multiple times in the face during a street fight. I have to admit it was a shock to me.”explained, this Tuesday 10 May at the court hearing, this Montpellier, still traumatized.

And the victim, 26, to continue the ordeal that he then experienced, like a chain reaction. She lost her job when she had to take a CDI. Loss of housing, lack of salary. Obligation to borrow money. Let’s go back to her parents …

Today I am learning to live with new sensations and a different face

Not to mention the consequences of this outbreak of violence on his health. In addition to a total amnesia of the facts, she was operated on for a double fracture of the jaw which resulted in ten stitches, the installation of four metal plates and 45 days of total incapacity for work.

“It was a very difficult time for me. No more bread and meat, I was forced to eat through a straw. I had a hard time talking. For eight months I was afraid to go out, see people and fall back on my own. aggressor. Today I’m learning to live with new sensations and a different face. My lips no longer move. I no longer have sensations in my teeth, chin and jaws. gums. And not a night goes by without nightmares. “

A barbaric attack

A terrible news that comes from a simple horn on the A9 motorway, this Tuesday, August 31, 2021, in the middle of the afternoon, while the interviewee, a 24-year-old resident of Montpellier driving a Polo, pedaled between the two lanes. After throwing several bullets at the victim’s vehicle, driven by a friend, he took advantage of a traffic jam at the Prés d’Arènes roundabout to go up the bus lane and violently hit the young passenger who had had the misfortune to roll down the window .

Having fled after this ferocious attack, it was finally on December 3, three months after the events, that the driver, confused by the CCTV cameras, recognized the violence during his detention in police custody. He conjures up a honk, because he was driving “too softly”. Then a deluge “insults”, mainly character “racist”. As well as “middle finger” And “a spit” at the Vendargues exit.

I have never experienced such severe humiliation and an uncontrolled explosion ensued on my part

“I am a very sensitive person and there was a huge provocation. I have never suffered such a strong humiliation and it resulted in an uncontrolled outburst on my part. I could not get past this anger. And today I regret it bitterly. I was wrong to act like this and hit a woman. I should have done it my way. But you can’t change the past.

He could turn into a boxer

From his desk, Me Ivan Martin-Gros, on the plaintiff, was doubtful for his part about the defendant’s version. Particularly about the fact that he would only deal one punch to the victim. “I don’t believe it and if that’s really the case, he could go back to being a boxer. In fact, how can you have a fractured right and left jaw with a single punch, this is not believable.”

A sentiment shared by the prosecutor who, “for this totally gratuitous and unacceptable violence”, requested from him eighteen months of imprisonment, of which twelve accompanied by suspension of the trial and house arrest under electronic surveillance for the company part.

Eight months of imprisonment

For its part, highlighted Me Louis Dolez, in defense “the absence of a history of violence and a clean record” of his client who had, “That day, a disproportionate reaction. He admits he lost his temper. Today he has many regrets, shame and guilt and is working with a psychologist to manage his anger.”

Found guilty, he was eventually sentenced to eight months in prison. A sentence placed under an electronic bracelet, with the obligation of care, work and compensation for the victim. The case was postponed on civil interests on this point.

“Worrying episode of violence”

It was not just one, but two separate acts of violence, committed just over a month apart, that the defendant had to respond to the court hearing on Tuesday morning. After the aforementioned road dispute, this 24-year-old Montpellier resident had to explain himself at the hearing on a financial dispute that ended in a fistfight on 8 October, on rue de Barcelona in La Paillade.

That day, around 3 pm, in fact, it was an impromptu meeting that would set things on fire. “When he saw me at the supermarket, he said, ‘I’m waiting for you outside.’ And when I followed him, he immediately punched me. Then a second. I faltered and wanted to go back to my car but there he chained several punches. that I took in the face. I, I didn’t raise my hand towards him. And when I looked in the mirror, I saw that I had a bone sticking out of my cheek. “

Hospitalized, the man comes out, again, with a broken jaw and 15 days of ITT. “I admit I sent him virulent messages, pointed the victim to President Philippe Tremblay. I got angry because he called me every day and harassed me from morning to night.”

A version denied by the interviewee: “In this story I simply defended myself. He was the one who beat me, I am the victim. With these two cases in quick succession, I feel like a monster when I am not. I can tell you that if someone tomorrow he insults me and spits on me, I will continue on my way and I will not raise my hands on anyone.

However, despite these promises, the similarity of these two files in a fairly short period disputed the prosecutor. “Disturbing episodes of violence are chained together. This must stop!”, He criticized.

This time the court sentenced him to one year of imprisonment, accompanied by a suspension of probation, with the obligation to care, work and compensation for the victim (5,000 euros in compensation).

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