Arrest of 12 young people between the ages of 18 and 23, including 2 girls, who committed unnatural acts in an apartment.

They are called Serigne Fallou Sow, Mamadou Ba, Babacar Guèye, Aboubakry Thiam, Cheikh Dieng, Mor Fall, Dame Fall, Mamour Top and Joseph Diouf. Ibrahima Baldé considered the mastermind of the gang is prosecuted, in addition to the crime mentioned, of embezzlement of minors, exploitation of prostitution and corruption of minors. On the other hand, the two (2) girls, namely Diarra Badiane and Fatou Kiné Guèye, are for their part prosecuted for prostitution without medical records.

The facts date back to the end of April and the beginning of May, when the Muslim world was preparing to celebrate Korité. Several members of the group were arrested in an apartment where they committed sexual acts.

When asked about his role, the brains of the band, Ibrahima Baldé born in 2000 in Guinea Bissau, told his version of events.
“I took an apartment with Diarra and Kiné, but the latter came of her own free will to ask for my help to put her in contact with men for sex. The apartment we had taken for 4 days and paid 36,000 CFA francs per day. It was our retirement home, “she said.

“During the 3 days, Serigne Fallou and 2 other men passed by. We all had sex except the name Mamadou Ba. I maintained relations with Serigne Fallou Sow and another whose name I no longer remember ”, added Ibrahima Baldé, 22 years old.

When questioned, Serigne Fallou Sow admitted having had intercourse with the main interviewee.

“Ibrahima bribed me with sums of money so that I could have sex with him, which I refused when he invited me to his apartment. She gave me sums between 8,000 Fcfa and 10,000 Fcfa. We met in a “Taneber” in Thiaroye. When I returned, she suggested that I make love with Fatou Kiné. I made love only once with the latter and 3 times with Ibrahima Baldé, “said the trainee at the Limamou Lahi institute.

For Ibrahima who is back in charge, Serigne Fallou Sow himself asked to make love to a woman first before cashing in on his advances. The defendant also claimed that she advised Fatou Kiné to ask for money from the men she slept with.

“Fatou Kiné gave herself to men for free, so I advised her to do it,” said the brain of the gang.

Asked about the source of the money he gave to his invited partners that was also used to pay for the apartment, Ibrahima said it came from several men, mostly merchants with whom she had sex.

The 2 girls were also heard on the merits of this case.

“I met Ibrahima in Dakar. When she took an apartment she called me on the phone to let me know I was in Jaxaay. I left to join him when I got back. She didn’t offer me anything and I’ve never had a relationship with any man there, ”she confided in front of the bar, Diarra Badiane.

“Ibrahima and I met in Kolda. When I came to the Dakar, it was to look for work and I was put in contact with him. He took me to Niague where we shared the same room for 2 days. When we got back, he forced me to sleep with men in this apartment. He threatened to return me to Kolda if I refused, “said Fatou Kiné.

In the case of Fallou Sow, the girl explained that Ibrahima was behind their sexual relationship.
“He made me believe that the young man had paid to have sex with me. I don’t prostitute myself. Ibrahima put me in contact with men for 1 month and collected the sums of money. I have never received any francs from him during this whole period, ”she added, informing that she is the mother of a child she left with her grandmother in the village.

The rest of the group denied having any relationship.

“Serigne Fallou Sow is a friend of mine, he asked me to accompany him when he entered Ibrahima’s apartment but I didn’t do anything, I was sitting in the living room,” said Mamadou Ba.

Same story for Babacar Guèye who says he went there just to take pictures, as confirmed by Joseph Diouf. Aboubakry Thiam, Cheikh Dieng, Dame Fall and Mamour Top used the same language when they said they sat quietly in the living room of the apartment watching TV. On the other hand, Mor Fall said that the group had helped to rent the apartment at the price of 25,000 CFA francs to spend the Korité festival there.

It appears from the court proceedings that several used condoms were found in the apartment after a search by the investigators.

Arrested by the prosecutor for his sexual orientation, Ibrahima Baldé has let believe a bad spell that would be cast on him.

“The old man who circumcised me forced me to have sex with him every night, he got worse with my mother’s co-wife who made me do some homework reserved for girls. She told me that I will never have peace as long as I live, ”she replied, attesting to having lost her parents.

“There are only my sisters, one is a student and the other does laundry for a living,” she concluded.

In his argument, the Attorney General found the guilt of the accused Ibrahima Baldé, Serigne Fallou Sow and Fatou Kiné Guèye. He required respectively 5 years of imprisonment for the brain of the gang and 2 years of which 6 months of imprisonment for the other two (2).

Serigne’s lawyer Fallou Sow played the card of easy money, of naivety which, according to him, won over his client.
“The Porta Potty affair is proof of these excesses that we observe daily in our society. Serigne Fallou Sow is just one of the victims who fell into the trap of Ibrahima Baldé. The only responsible here is the latter who admits to being homosexual. My client has succumbed to Ibrahima Baldé’s proposals for money, give him the perch Mr. President, if you send him to prison, he could become homosexual. I condemn his weakness and his act of him but we can give him a warning because by now everyone knows that he has let himself go to homosexuality and it is a sentence, ”the council said.
For their part, the other defense lawyers tried to remove Ibrahima Baldé and Fatou Kiné Guèye in vain.

In the verdict, the court found Ibrahima Baldé, Serigne Fallou Sow and Fatou Kiné Guèye guilty of the charges against them. He sentenced the mind of the gang to 5 years in prison and 6 months of which 2 months for the last two (2) mentioned. The rest of the group has regained their freedom …

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