Cinékin: Rebecca Juliana Tshiabu radiant at the preview of the film “Ima”

The discovery of Dadju in the cinema, on the occasion of the preview of his film in Kinshasa, took place at the same time as that of Rebecca Juliana Tshiabu, Laëtitia in “I’m a”. Younger sister of the one who turns the singer’s heart upside down, she is more enterprising than the eldest, encouraging him to date the star who has fallen under her natural charm. Laëtitia thus agrees an appointment with Dadju in the name of her sister but without her knowing that she is too stuck, she would not dare agree to see him again. It is also a small thanks to her, because on her birthday Dadju met her Ima whom he noticed lost in her sister’s group of friends delusional about her in front of the singer.

Amazed by her first exhibition which, by chance, opens the doors to the world of the seventh art, Rebecca Juliana shared to “Mail from Kinshasa“his happiness. “I have practically no experience, I have never acted anywhere, I have never done anything in the cinema, I am very surprised by the result. And I am not the only one! I have received praise from everyone. I am very proud of myself and I really am. moved”, he said as he left the party. And to add: “It’s not so much that I’ve starred in this particular movie that makes me happy, but I can’t believe the end result. It is extraordinary to see how I was in the skin of the character, I think I played my role as it should have been.    Laëtitia and the actor Moyindo Mpongo, henchman of Dadju's opponent in Ima (Adiac)

However, a young journalism student, Rebecca Juliana, says she is aware of the stakes in the production of Nils Tavernier, for whom Dadju wrote the script himself. “My first film is not just an old film, it’s international, I don’t think I’ll stop there! Only God knows where this will take us because he wanted it. ” she mentioned.

Yet, Rebecca Juliana recalls, she was not particularly interested in the proposal to participate in the filming of “I’m a”. To the executive producer of the film, she quickly replied that she was not an actress and that a film with Dadju hadn’t impressed her more. She was then encouraged by a friend of hers, then by her brothers and sisters in the family that she finally took part in the casting.

But it was not given. “Basically, I don’t know how to wear makeup, I don’t do manicures, I’m not great, so I went like this, natural hair. But when I arrive on the scene, I find girls with good make-up, dressed up. I felt like I was entering a contest among a hundred girls. Some of them. they had already acted in films, held leading roles, etc. I consoled myself by saying that I would do it since I was there without any more “she says.

He passes in front of the camera with the text, then makes an improvisation, after two attempts, as soon as the camera stops spinning, there is a general ovation. Despite this applause, she doesn’t believe the executive producer compliments for his portrayal of him. A few days later, she said: “One of the members of the French production team told me: I know you, you are number 20, you play very well. He meets my boss twice and every time he talks to him about me. He told him that everyone in France liked me out of the forty videos sent, mine agreed everyone “.

Some characters of the film surrounded by two agents of Cinékin (Adiac)The second role found before the first

Also, while we had found the second female role, the first was yet to be found and we needed to make sure we found one with traits of similarity. “In Kinshasa, the casting didn’t allow us to find the person who would play the lead female role. Finally, the choice was made on Karidja Touré in France. The production team split, discovering that I didn’t look much like them. But thank God no one questioned my choice in France., explained Rebecca Juliana. According to the French director it was his naturalness and her physique that had played decisively in her favor.

The feature film instead received favorable ratings from the first Kinshasa audience who took this preview as a pleasant surprise. “I find Dadju’s idea of ​​making a film that everyone can see original. It can be followed as a family, parents, children and adults can all follow it together. It’s not like Viva Riva! “argued a named Natacha with a chuckle.

The icing on the cake, the video of Dadju’s show case performing one by one the titles of his next album “Cullinan “ of which “I’m a” part ended the evening. “I really enjoyed this moment. And, as we are used to saying, music softens morals, that’s true. The little concert at the end relaxed me, it was a great idea “concluded the aforementioned cinephile, decidedly more cheerful.

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