Defense of singer Jacob Hoggard destroys second plaintiff who accuses him of rape

The 37-year-old musician is accused of inappropriate sexual contact with a minor and sexual assault that caused injuries to the same teenager and the adult in question who has been testifying at his trial for two days.

The artist’s lawyer, Megan Savard, was ruthless and more aggressive than the day before against the 29-year-old woman whose identity is protected by a publication ban.

Jacob Hoggard at the Toronto courthouse entrance on May 9, 2022.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Allie Elwell

Me Savard accuses her of making up an entire story to win the jury’s sympathy for a short 30-second phone call she had with the defendant two days after the meeting on November 22, 2016, because she wanted an apology and to remind him that he had raped her.

Attention : the rest of this text may shock some readers.

The complainant had admitted on Tuesday on the witness stand that she had agreed to sleep together before arriving by train in the metropolis, but without knowing that the artist loved violent sex. He had said that he had never bothered about her in their communications afterwards.

The defense of the singer, which however ensures that their sexual relations were consenting, has seriously contested the content of the woman’s remarks on the phone.

A compromising call

She then gave the court the appeal, which actually lasted 15 minutes and in which we heard the actor apologize to the musician for being aggressive in bed with her in the Toronto hotel room.

He will never say the word on the phone rape as he had done in a text message just before the call.

We also hear the singer talking to her calmly, explaining that he was surprised by the text in question and in which she confronted him about their meeting at the hotel.

A legal illustration.

Defense attorney Megan Savard bluntly attacked the second complainant on Wednesday during cross-examination.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Alexandra Newbould

He states it [s]our message came out of nowhere and that he thought they preferred good time together.

Not exactlyhe replies, claiming to suffer from their meeting.

The woman who is upset is explaining to him that she feels humiliated, because she will have to see a doctor for a vaginal tear.

The defense tells her that in the end she never needed stitches, because she didn’t have any lacerations.

A judicial illustration of the trial.

Singer Jacob Hoggard pleaded not guilty to three counts of a sexual nature at the start of the trial on May 4, 2022.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Alexandra Newbould

He admits on the witness stand that he lied to Jacob Hoggard during the phone call about the stitches and was thinking of calling a lawyer to force him to apologize.

I was trying to get him to admit what he had done to me and to recognize the seriousness of the damage he had caused me.she says.

He also confesses that he made him believe he was working in a law firm at the time with the sole purpose of scaring him, but that was not the case.

Accusation of revenge

Hearing her voice on the phone again, the complainant broke off twice, overwhelmed with emotion. The judge suggested adjourning the hearing to resume, to no avail.

Between two interruptions in the audio cassette, the complainant explained that she did not remember the contents of this phone very well, because she had survival forget what had happened to him.

A legal illustration.

Crown prosecutor Jill Witkin questions complainant No. 2 on 10 May 2022 on the stand.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Alexandra Newbould

The woman also rejects Me Savard’s allegations that she sought revenge on her client, that she threatened him with the services of a lawyer, and that she allegedly denounced him in public for what he was subjected to, particularly for anal rape.

You were threatening him, because a rock star was no longer interested in you.asks the lawyer. The complainant replied in the negative and rejected the idea that Jacob Hoggard had abandoned her for another woman.

Clash of the singer

We will never hear Jacob Hoggard apologize on the phone. On the contrary, hearing the woman irritated, he worries about her health, because he says he appreciates her.

He wants to end the conversation, however, because his phone’s batteries are low and he is with a friend who is going through an urgent family situation.

The woman tells him on the phone that she doesn’t believe it and that he is careful to choose his words carefully to describe what happened between them in order to protect himself from a possible lawsuit.

Accompanied by his wife, singer Jacob Hoggard enters the Toronto courthouse, wearing a light gray suit and white shirt.

Jacob Hoggard enters the Toronto courthouse with his partner through a back door to avoid the media upon opening his preliminary investigation in 2019.

Photo: Radio-Canada

He also admits to the court that he contacted Jacob Hoggard’s wife at the time on Instagram (they weren’t married yet, ed), to ask her if the singer had subjected her to the same thing.

He confided to me that he had been violent with other women, but not with her, and suggested that I go to the police and see a doctor in case he gave me herpes.she says.

The defense then cites the actor’s statement to the police headquarters in March 2018 in which the singer’s wife had only told him that he had not been kind to certain women.

Me Savard accuses her of trying to control her client, because he was rich and famous and this is the real reason why she was asking him for an apology. It’s wrongshe replies.

CBC TV interview

The lawyer then attacks the complainant for an interview with the CBC which she granted on condition of anonymity. You used this platform to report my client on televisionshe says.

The woman replies that she wanted Jacob Hoggard to answer for her actions and just wanted to protect other women from a man she calls a sexual predator.

He also told the jury the day before that he begged her to stop while he raped her on the bed.

However, in the excerpt of the CBC interview that Me Savard presented to the court, the actress is rather heard telling the reporter that she didn’t say anything to the singer. because she didn’t know what to tell him.

Complainant number 2 interviewed by a reporter.

CBC reporter Judy Trinh interviews complainant No. 2 in winter 2018.

Photo: Radio-Canada / CBC

The woman assures the bar that we will hear from her later in the interview saying that she really told him to stop hurting him.

He also admits that he called the event organizers anonymously. We day in Ottawa to warn them that she had been attacked by one of the show attendees without naming him.

She also categorically rejects the idea that she was trying, through this interview, to become the leader of the # movement.Me too as the CBC reporter promised.

He also claims that he does not recall celebrating the artist’s public contempt in an Ottawa restaurant following the broadcast of the service on February 25, 2018.

If I had said that, it certainly wasn’t a partyhe said, laughing.

A view of the Thompson Hotel.

The Thompson Hotel, where complainant no. 2 she claims she was repeatedly raped by Jacob Hoggard on November 22, 2016.

Photo: Radio-Canada / CBC

The complainant claims that she never told her friend B. that she found the singer great after he kissed her unannounced at the start of their meeting at the hotel when she earlier said in her testimony that she found him rude.

Me Savard also wonders whether the complainant stayed at the hotel after this unsolicited kiss to have sex despite everything instead of leaving the hotel when her client had even told her there was nothing, forced him to stay in his room.

The way he kissed you before you pushed him back is aggression in itself, didn’t you know that?asks the lawyer. No, I didn’t know that at the timeshe replies.

The cross-examination will end on Friday. Thursday is reserved for controversial issues that have emerged in the last two days of oral discussion.

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