Handball: Despite the draw against Kiel (30-30), PSG retains its chances in the Champions League

If we recognize a great manifesto from the deafening din of the fans, from the fervor of the Ultras who arrived more numerous than usual in a crowded room to the point of bursting … If we judge the importance of a game from the prestige of the A position of honor filled this Wednesday evening by the presence of Evan Fournier, the New York Knicks basketball player, Kristina Mladenovic who came with her family of handball players or even Pascal Obispo, a regular of the place … If we think that, to play a great game we he wants a great opponent, in this case the Germans from Kiel, quadruple European champions (2007, 2010, 2012, 2020) and quadruple finalists … living a privileged moment at the Pierre-de-Coubertin stadium.

What happened

A year after the duel of the same level that had seen Paris win (29-31 on the trip to Germany; 34-28 on the return trip to Coubertin), PSG and Kiel then face each other for the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League League. Before the return match scheduled for May 19, the stakes were already high. And Paris, clumsy in the shot and blocked by the power of the German wall, starts in a disastrous way (2-6, 9th). Trusting a revanchist car, racing like the one in Kiel driven by the Norwegian elf and former Parisian Sander Sagosen, was not a good idea. Parisians have spent time and energy trying to compensate for this delay.

The bitter struggle, of exasperating intensity and very physical, remained undecided. The French champions come back (10-11, 20th) then draw for the first time (11-11, 21st). But Kiel still had a two-goal lead at half-time (14-16). This advantage increased rapidly (14-18, 52). Once again, the Parisians had to run after the score. It took them strength and courage (19-20, 40, 21-21, 45; 25-25, 50). There was no lack of either to keep their chances intact before the return match. Even if they haven’t won, nothing is lost.

Player: Luc Steins

In such a duel, in which it was necessary to find the collective resources to get out of it cheaply, it is difficult to free a single player. On Kiel’s side, Sander Sagosen, the former PSG (2017-2020) was a real poison. In Paris, Nikola Karabatic did not spare his efforts or the blows received; Nedim Remili was indispensable in his commitment; Vincent Gérard held the cage with conviction in front of the German footballs; Kamil Syprzak was invaluable in the shoot, but it took a moped to get Paris back on track. At PSG, this spring-mounted racing car is Dutch and is called Luc Steins. Half of the central pocket sounded revolt with its flights. Kiel realized he was the key by defending the second half man-to-man over him.

The accident

Scheduled at 20:45, the match started fifteen minutes late: “A few minutes before the kick-off of the match, a person accidentally fell from the stands onto two photographers placed at the goal. The three injured were immediately assisted by the club’s medical staff as well as the team of doctors in charge of the competition’s health surveillance, before being evacuated to the nearest hospital for a full assessment. Their vital prognosis is not committed, “the club said in a press release on the evening.

The number: 0

The gap between the two rivals at the end of the first round. The counters are reset. The return match in the hot Wunderino Arena on Thursday 19 May and in front of its 14,000 ardent fans will be terrible. At its conclusion, one of the best teams in the world will leave the Champions League.

The phrase

“At first we struggled, but we started letting go to return. There are no conclusions to be drawn at the end of this first round. A draw is not a bad result. In the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League there is no bad result unless you lose by 7 goals, which is not our case. Nedim Remili, PSG right back

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