Hotels[.]com unveils an unpublished study on the EVJF / G of the French

Another EVJF / G !

40 % Of people aged 18 to 34 admit that they have already pretended to be sick in order to attend their friends’ EVJF / G.

According to, this year the French need to party more than ever: 35 The% of them are willing to sacrifice up to 2 days of vacation to participate in the stag and hen parties of their friends and 40 % Of 18-34 year-olds admit that they have already lied about their health to avoid having to justify an absence from work.

According to a® study, 2022 is the year to think big to make up for lost time in the past two years. So it’s no surprise that due to the pandemic, many travelers have had to reschedule a stag or hen party. The time has come to resume the party from 1D. mid-June is a favorite time for the French for a hen weekend !

So, for 22 % of French premarital celebrations lately have gotten more extravagant, to make up for lost time. 42 % also admits that if the newlyweds spend more money today, it is to keep up with the latest trends on social networks.

This year let’s forget the inflatables and go to dinner, EVJF / G have talked, and the perfect stay MUST include free breakfast, a restaurant, or even a kitchen in the hotel room. We know the French love for gastronomy and the pleasure of sharing a meal together, but also to regain strength after a difficult evening.

Emma Tagg, Head of Global Communications and EMEA at, says: Before the pandemic, more than one in two people (51%) [1] he said he wouldn’t take days off to attend a stag or hen party. This year, we see 35% of them are willing to take 1 or 2 days. It is clear that the French need more than ever to take holidays and have fun. An easy way to save is to book on for every ten nights you buy, the eleventh is free [2].

The French feel the need to get out of the office for a few days so much that 40 The% of 18-34 year olds confess that they have already pretended to be sick to be able to attend this type of party … !

Have you ever regretted attending a stag or hen party? ? You are not the only ones, in this case 19% of the French are ! Most of the travelers who responded attribute their regrets to losing contact with the bride or groom, others to not getting along with some guests, or still others not enjoying the activities sometimes a little too much. bold. In fact, for 20% of women, the worst part is having to watch … strippers !

While 35 % Of French people admit that EVJF / G are simply the enemies of their bank account, 37 The% admits that for their bachelorette party they want their loved ones to take them on a single trip, without unnecessary expenses.

As for expenses, before the pandemic, 59% of the French questioned spent an average of 150 euros to attend a bachelor party for girls and boys, compared to 47% 10 years ago. Furthermore, 47 The% of women interviewed admit that they spend more on organized activities, while for 37 % of men, most of their spending is on drinks ! Finally, 66 % Of women are willing to spend more than initially expected, compared to 34 % for men.

Before the pandemic, French cities were the most likely candidates for a stag or hen party, with Paris, Bordeaux and Montpellier the most visited. The French capital remains at the 2And podium place in the list of places where people will go for their next stag or hen party, followed by slightly more exotic destinations like Barcelona, ​​Ibiza or even Bali. Another finding is that women prefer cities close to home, while men prefer large European capitals such as Amsterdam, Prague or Dublin.

The 10 best destinations for a stag or hen party (without financial constraints):

  1. dubai
  2. bali
  3. Barcelona
  4. Seychelles
  5. Las Vegas
  6. New York
  7. Ibiza
  8. Hawaii
  9. amsterdam
  10. Paris

To help future bachelorette party planners control their spending in 2022, partnered with finance expert Ellie Austin-Williams to share her top tips to help travelers save money.

  • Get rewarded

    When you book a stag or hen party, take advantage of the rewards programs. On, you receive a stamp for every night you spend at a property. Collect 10 stamps and you will receive a prize night [2], which will correspond to the average value of the previous 10 stamps (excluding taxes and duties). An easy way to save, especially when booking in a group.

  • Put your themed dress in the closet

    Everyone loves the disguise at a stag or hen party, but the cost of dressing up as a cheerleader or superman can be surprisingly high. Don’t spend too much money on your dress ; try to find second-hand costumes on resale platforms or visit local donation centers for budget options.

  • Teleworking from the hotel

    Whether it’s a home vacation or a sun holiday by the sea, get the most out of remote work. Arrive early in the morning or overnight and work from the hotel, so there’s no need to take extended leave to travel. Your annual leave is worth your money !

  • Book in advance

    Most things in life cost less when you plan ahead. So, if you have any dates scheduled for your stag or hen party, be sure to book your accommodation and travel as soon as your plans are confirmed. This will allow you to take advantage of early booking discounts and have more time to spare.

  • Divide and conquer

    Nobody needs triple the things the planned number of travel days. Instead of buying new clothes, toiletries, and paying for extra bags for a weekend getaway, join forces with fellow attendees to decide who brings what and reduce the overhead. Discuss clothing swaps that you can coordinate during your stay and save space and money.

As the founder of This Girl Talks Money, an online platform that provides financial advice and resources to the public, Ellie is ready to point out the financial challenges she faces when it comes to budgeting for her friends’ bachelorette parties.

This year people are finding that they are throwing more stag and hen parties than ever, after putting off so many during the pandemic, they are coming back bigger and more fun than ever. I’m not surprised that found that pre-pandemic bachelor and bachelorette parties were mostly held at home, while now newlyweds are opting for far-flung destinations, such as Las Vegas, the Seychelles and even Hawaii. She adds: The pressure of increasingly expensive vacations can weigh on your bank account. It is therefore vital to look for ways to keep costs down and make the most of these precious annual leave..

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