the right steps to take to protect yourself effectively

As a general rule, you should avoid leaving standing water near your home.

A period of proliferation that begins earlier and ends later. Thanks to global warming and successive heatwaves that have hit the country for several years, the tiger mosquito is about to become a serious health risk in France. According to a statement from the Ministry of Health released at the beginning of May, theAedes albopictus it is in fact responsible for various diseases including dengue fever, zika or chikungunya.

“We observe the proliferation of mosquitoes before and before and especially after and after. It is not uncommon for tiger mosquitoes to be found in mid-November or even at the end of November”, reports on BFMTV Jérôme Raibaut, responsible for risk prevention and health alert in the Alps. ARS maritime.

According to the Mosquito Vigilance website, 64 French departments, or 67% of the metropolitan territory, are currently placed on red alert, synonymous with insect settlement and activity. In the short term, a dozen other departments including Oise or Yonne, currently on orange alert, could be promoted to this category.

The right things to do

Although the fight against this insect is difficult, there are several solutions to protect it. The Ministry of Health stresses that the most important thing to do is to do it remove stagnant water around his house, which allow the mosquito to reproduce. These are glasses for plants but also toys for children.

The ARS of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur lists several other actions to be taken: we therefore recommend cover water reserves with a mosquito net such as containers or paddling pools e put away anything that can be touched by the rain, including buckets. It is also important change the water of the plant and flowers at least once a week e do not leave waste in the open air.

In the most affected regions, theinstallation of mosquito nets on strategic windows and doorsas well as using a fan, can be a help. Outdoors, there are several methods to avoid bites, ARS still remembers. It is therefore recommended to wear loose and opaque clothing.

For what concern skin repellents, some can be used on uncovered skin areas on the advice of the pharmacist. The installation of insecticide coils, on the other hand, is recommended only outdoors.

Fight on the field

If in doubt about a spotted insect, you should help monitor its settlement by reporting it on the official portal of the health authorities at the following address: In the event of a bite, contact a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Monitoring is also active at the local level. ARS Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur therefore underlines that “the Mediterranean Interdepartmental Agreement for Mosquito Control (EID)” has the task of raising “early infectious cases and alerting the population, in order to control the risk. emergence of a local chain of transmission “.

Scientific innovations

Although it is extremely difficult to permanently eliminate the tiger mosquito, several scientific innovations represent significant advances. On BFMTV the owners of the Domaine Mas de Pierre in the Var have installed, every five meters, a new mosquito box that emits CO2 and acids to reproduce what a human body emanates and attract females, responsible for the bites.

“Mosquitoes are caught and die from dehydration within 24 hours,” describes Dominique Hauptmann, creator of the Biobelt company, which manufactures this device.

In China, researchers for their part developed an effective process to virtually eliminate these insects during a two-site study. Both irradiated female mosquitoes to sterilize them and infected the males with a bacterium that prevents them from reproducing with uninfected females, they explain in the review. Nature.

Result: The number of hatched mosquito eggs decreased by 94%, with periods of up to 13 weeks without a single mosquito outbreak.

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