to prepare your wedding with Boli? She expresses herself

Maeva Gennam : the candidate of Marseille is she ready to marry Boli? This is the rumor that she has been catching on the web in the last few hours. She answered !

Giuseppa and Pagan: a common future

Shortly after the shoot Adventurer apprentices, a rumor had circulated on social media that Paga and Giuseppa had split up. However, the couple quickly put an end to this gossip by appearing more in love than ever on the web. However, since the beginning of the spread of Marseille up W9, Internet users criticize Giuseppa about her relationship with Paga. In fact, for many, the young woman “would ask too much” of her treasure.

Tired of all these observations, Giuseppa wanted to clarify things. In an Instagram story, she said: ” I saw that W9 posted something on their Instagram account, compared to Paga and I both hang out, where we fight a bit. And I looked at the comments out of curiosity. And it’s always about saying it I ask too much of Paga, that I am capricious, that I am a toxic girl and all because I ask my boyfriend to spend more time with him and to be a little closer to me in everyday life (…) ”.

Giuseppa added: At one point I get disappointed because you believed too much in your head that being in a relationship just because we’re on TV is being a perfect match. Like, do you really think Paga and I don’t fight? So for all the people who think that Giuseppa and Paga the Instagram couple don’t fight well, you can get that idea out of your head. Because we often fight even if you want to know why we love each other, and when we love each other there are ups and downs (…). ” In any case, their couple is solid and this also allows them to think about the future with serenity.

Maeva Ghennam: preparing for marriage with Boli? She expresses herself

Adixia and Simon: the reconciliations

Things haven’t been going well between Adixia and Simon for a while. While filming Apprentis Aventuriers, the couple had taken a break due to the numerous rumors of deception around Simon. Recall that the latter had been accused several times of having betrayed his loved one, shortly before the shooting.

And shortly after their elimination from the Apprentis Aventuriers, when some thought the couple were back together, Simon spoke to set the record straight. ” We are currently in a very complicated situation with Adixia. A new time. Unfortunately there are not many good times but too many problems, too complicated, which I can’t quite manage first explain.

Before adding: Surely I’m mostly at fault and just in case I don’t want to return the ball or what. The important thing is that there is not even a war. In any case, I need to write it here to feel liberated. We don’t know what life is made of and everyone knows that whatever happens we will meet again, on set or not. I want to be transparent with you ”. But as the two lovebirds appeared to have bonded on the outside again, blogger Varrueccos arrived with some new information. According to the blogger, the couple’s breakup would have been staged from scratch and they would have done so with the idea of ​​fixing things while filming Rest of the World.

Maeva: a marriage with Boli?

It’s been a while since Maeva said she was ready to get married and become a mother. A few months ago, she remembers her, she said: “I have to confide in you. I am in love and I am 24 years old. And I tell myself it’s time to have children. So I want to be a mom. Can you imagine me mom? Maeva Ghennam with children? I would be too beautiful, my children will be too beautiful, too cute. This is where I feel ready to be a mom. I think I’ll get pregnant in 2022, I’ll give birth in 2023 ”.

Maybe it will come very soon! Indeed, @ dabzatvr2 has made revelations about it! Maeva is discreetly preparing her marriage to Boli. I have the guest list “, first swung the blogger. Before adding: “I’d make an announcement before the wedding date because it’s in preparation. There her family will only come for her birthday, so don’t get it all confused. The guest list is ready and so many things too “.

So what is it really? Maeva learned of this information and decided to respond. With a good dose of irony and edgy humor, the pretty brunette wrote on her Snapchat account: “Omg I’m getting married”. A way to deny the rumor.

Maeva Ghennam: preparing for marriage with Boli?  She expresses herself Maeva Ghennam: preparing for marriage with Boli?  She expresses herself Maeva Ghennam: preparing for marriage with Boli?  She expresses herself

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