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    The question of women’s access to their own health is increasingly present in the national debate. But it divides the candidates in the presidential elections. An additional budget against violence, menstrual leave, endometriosis recognition … Here are the candidates’ proposals.

    With the rise of the #MeToo movement in recent years, women’s voices have been released. Victims of sexist and sexual violence finally feel empowered to express what they have experienced. The feminist question is central to today’s society. Several debates intrinsic to feminism are thus highlighted. Among them: the right of women to health.

    Of all the candidates questioned, the 10 candidates who answered put forward several measures. While everyone agrees on the priority to be given to this issue, the proposals reveal a left / right divide.

    Left: one billion euros against gender and sexual violence

    Jean-Luc Melenchon promotes a “Feminist politics”. The candidate proposes more than twenty actions to improve women’s rights and combat the violence they suffer. It is urgent to put in place a clear plan: developing prevention, training, helping associations and bringing justice back to the streets are strong and necessary measures “. Requires the creation of a “High Commissioner dedicated to the fight against gender and sexual violence”who “Will guide the measures to be taken, will have regular and privileged links with feminist associations”. To respond to requests from associations, the LFI candidate proposes “Allocate a billion euro budget” for gender and sexual violence. He too desires “Constitutionalize and make free access to the right to abortion” And “Allow truly free and open access to contraception”. The candidate undertakes, among other things, to combat obstetric and gynecological violence. He also suggests “recognize endometriosis as a long-term condition and ensure 100% reimbursement of treatment by social security ” and to introduce “menstrual leave” for women with painful periods.

    Yannick Jadot it also intends to dedicate one billion euros to the fight against violence committed by men. He wishes “To extend the possibility of filing a complaint to all hospitals and health areas”. The environmental candidate proposes in particular “education courses on sexuality, consent, tolerance and respect from primary school “. Like Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he is in favor of a “optional menstrual leave of twelve days a year”. The candidate has it too “Support schools, universities and organizations that are committed to combating menstrual poverty by providing women and students with the protection of the free period”. It also undertakes to combat obstetric and gynecological violence, “Through the prevention and training of health professionals on good treatment in care, through awareness campaigns aimed at the general public and caregivers”.

    Anna Hidalgo it also happened Andcommitted to allocating one billion euros to the fight against gender and sexual violence. “This billion will be used to implement a public policy on the model of Spain, which has achieved, with the help of associations and thanks to a reform of the judicial process, a 25% decline in femicides since 2004. Victims report you four times more than in France “, entrusted the candidate PS a Doctissimo. She wishes “develop specialized reception centers throughout the territory and accessible at any time of day or night, where a team of specialized multidisciplinary personnel will guide and advise victims in a more welcoming environment than a police station “. Eventually he promises to recognize the “The notion of traumatic amnesia and the psychotraumatic consequences of sexist and sexual violence”.

    Philippe Poutou it also demands a billion euros “Fight against gender-based violence, support for victims, the implementation of prevention and training actions, at school, in the city, at work, in the police and to establish a common non-sexist culture”. The NPA candidate is in favor of free protection, contraception or even the development of abortion centers, allowing effective access throughout the territory.

    The proposals of the right-wing candidates

    Valerie Pécresse wish “Change the way we look at women’s health and make it the second cross-cutting priority of its mandate”. The LR candidate intends to set up “Mother / child counseling” for “To allow mothers, who too often forget their health, to receive treatment or consultations at the same time as their child”. She also wishesobtain full recognition of endometriosis as a long-term condition “in order to provide interested women “All the necessary safeguards and not adding the anxiety of a financial burden to the suffering”. The candidate also proposes “Generalize free protection in schools and universities, reducing the VAT rate on feminine hygiene products to 2.1%”. Finally, she asks “A revision of the maternity decrees” And “Evaluate midwives”.

    Marine Le Pen to propose “Two important measures for women’s health”. The first concerns “Screening for abuse and incest, screening for endometriosis and sex education” As for the second, it allows “A financial and intellectual re-evaluation of the midwife profession”.

    Nicolas Dupont-Aignan announces a series of 14 measures for women’s rights. As for health, he suggests “Promote information campaigns on contraception carried out by Family Planning, including among young people in high school”. It also offers “influence public health policy so that the provision of specific care for women is adequately ensured (gynecology, maternity, access to abortion, frequency of screening and control tests, etc.).

    The other candidates: vague information

    Emanuele Macron to propose “To make gender equality the great renewed cause of the five-year period and tackle the health inequalities that particularly affect women”.

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