Who could be Emmanuel Macron’s Prime Minister? Four possible profiles were examined

Let’s be careful. One day’s truth is not the next day’s truth, and today hardly anyone knows for sure who will be the next Prime Minister, or the next Prime Minister.

The only information we know to date, Emmanuel Macron said he knew who he would nominate and had promised that the person nominated in Matignon would be attached “To the social, environmental and production question”.

While several names are mentioned, let’s take stock of the four profiles that emerge with greater insistence.

Audrey Azoulay, the new name out there

Who raises this possibility?

Audrey Azoulay’s name was proposed by Chained Duck in its edition of Wednesday 11 May 2022. “Another woman, however, remains very silent”, writes the newspaper. “Tick all the boxes for Matignon”, continues the weekly. In addition, the political department of RMC said to have “He left his ears dangling on Tuesday on training day for majority candidates in legislative elections, and in the corridors there are two names that pop up frequently. [dont] that of Audrey Azoulay “.

Unesco head Audrey Azoulay, at the Elysée, 25 March 2019. | GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS

Why does it have its chances?

Rather unknown to the general public, Audrey Azoulay has already been Minister of Culture under François Hollande. You were therefore briefly in government at the same time as Emmanuel Macron. Additionally, you are a senior civil servant, enarque, and your current tenure as Unesco Director-General is rather marked by your commitment to ecology. A woman, rather marked on the left, who knows the exercise of power and who dedicates herself to ecology: so many arguments in her favor.

Elisabeth Borne, the rumor that has been around for several days

Who raises this possibility?

Even before Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, the name of the current Minister of Labor Élisabeth Borne was mentioned by many journalists. “A supporter of Emmanuel Macron told us a few days ago:” the one who ticks all the boxes is Élisabeth Borne “”, explained, for example, the head of the political department of BFM TV 25 April. “He would be an excellent Prime Minister”added a heavyweight from the executive to the Figaro . But the main interested party, questioned RTL on April 25, the day after Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, he got in touch and refused to confirm this rumor, replying: “That’s not the point”.

Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne at the Elysée on 19 July 2021 | LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

Why does it have its chances?
Elisabeth Borne has several advantages for a date in Matignon. You were Minister of Labor, Ecology and Transport, three strategic areas that will be at the center of Emmanuel Macron’s next mandate between the pension reform and ecological planning that the new president wants to implement. Her leftist sensibility also works in her favor. Besides, she is a woman, gold “Emmanuel Macron would like a female date at the Matignon”said Clément Beaune, current Secretary of State for European Affairs, Hon BFM TV.

Julien Denormandie, Macron’s loyalist

Who raises this possibility?

The name of the current Minister of Agriculture and Food Julien Denormandie was also proposed before the second round. As someone close to the President of the Republic confided RTL on April 20, i.e. before the second round, “Denormandie wants Matignon”. In March 2022 he even provided for an advisor to the Head of State Paris match That “Macron will finish his second term with Julien in Matignon! “as mentioned Western France end of April.

Minister of the Elysée Julien Denormandie at the Elysée, April 20, 2022 | LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

Why does it have its chances?

Julien Denormandie is very close to Emmanuel Macron. Minister for the entire first five years, he was by his side during his victory in 2017. The two have known each other for several years, their meeting dates back to when Emmanuel Macron was deputy general secretary at the Elysée from 2012 to 2014. Senator François Patriat even said the president considers him his son, second RMC .

Marisol Touraine, the recent support from the left

Who raises this possibility?
The name of former Health Minister Marisol Touraine has returned with insistence since she appeared very smiling and very close to the Head of State during her investiture ceremony on May 7, 2022. “It’s gaining momentum in Macronie”said one of his friends, RMC . The latter said he believed in his appointment. “She is very smiling and strangely it has become difficult to reach”, he added on the radio.

Former Health Minister Marisol Touraine arrives at the Elysee Palace during Emmanuel Macron’s investiture ceremony, May 7, 2022 | LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

Why does it have its chances?

Like Elisabeth Borne, Marisol Touraine has the advantage of having already been a minister and being quite close to the left. In February 2022, he announced that he had supported Emmanuel Macron for the first round of the presidential elections. Furthermore, the former PS MP, who remained Minister of Social Affairs and Health throughout François Hollande’s term, has a rather social profile, which could be an advantage for the President as he wishes to implement his pension reform and that negotiations with the trade unions promise to be strained.

And the others ?

In addition to these four names, many other personalities have been mentioned in the last few days.

For example, there is that of Christelle Morançais, but the current president of the Pays de la Loire region has denied any presence in the government. Christine Lagarde, current head of the ECB perhaps suggested by Nicolas Sarkozy, replied: “I’m losing my voice”.

Also on the right, former minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet was also mentioned but she withdrew from political life and her appointment seems very unlikely. Ségolène Royal, left with a green stripe, said she would think about it if she was offered it.

The names of the economist and diplomat Laurence Tubiana, the former secretary general of the CFDT trade union Nicole Notat, as well as those of the European deputy committed to the climate Pascal Canfin, or even the current secretary general of the CFDT Laurent Berger, have also advanced.

Among the possibilities are also several relatives of Emmanuel Macron such as former minister François Bayrou, overseas minister Sébastien Lecornu, president of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand or the general secretary of the Elysée Alexis Kohler.

But a surprise remains entirely possible, as happened with Édouard Philippe in 2017.

Who could be Emmanuel Macron’s Prime Minister? Four possible profiles were examined

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