3 ideal cryptocurrencies to invest (peacefully) in blockchain technology

Polygon (MATIC)

Dimo is a platform that allows developers to take advantage of the large data stream generated by modern vehicles, GPS logs, engine telemetry, etc. He decided to implement the Web3 aspects of his roadmap based on Polygonal blockchainspecifically to provide NFT and other tokens.

Modern vehicles are constantly generating data. @DIMO_Rete, a developer platform that taps into that rich data stream, has selected #Polygon for the web3 aspects of its roadmap. These include NFT and a token toss. Find out more 👇 https://t.co/T7J3aQsS0t

Over the next two months, the team plans to launch a $ DIMO utility token on Polygon, which will be used for governance, staking, and improved access to professional features. Among the EVM chains, Polygon has the most weighted track record explains Alex Rawitz, co-founder of DIMO.

As with several cryptocurrencies, the May 2022 crash hit Polygon and its native token hard. However, new developments such as DIMO’s can increase the attractiveness of the ecosystem.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Figment recently completed the beta integration of The Graph with the Cosmos Hub blockchain. The indexing of ecosystem data is therefore now possible thanks to the help of the service The graph. This, we learn, will foster a multi-channel future by contributing to the interoperability between The Graph and the various Cosmos channels.

The Graph is a Web3 critical protocol that provides decentralized indexing and query solutions for blockchain data. It allows Cosmos Hub-based application developers to query string data using subgraphs. With more reliable access to data, Cosmos developers will be able to better innovate and build apps that deliver exceptional user experiences.

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Pois (DOT)

A pois announced which is now integrated into the Injective ecosystem. The latter will support blockchain tokens and act as a bridge for cross-chain Polkadot assets to enter the Cosmos universe.

According to details released on Monday by Cointribune, the partnership between Polkadot and Injective was facilitated by the Moonbeam smart contract platform, the most popular parachain in the blockchain.

Currently at around $ 9, the price of DOT, the native Polkadot blockchain cryptocurrency has the potential to rise to $ 12 according to analyst forecasts broadcast by the blog. Changelly.

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