all that will change for you, due to inflation

The purchasing power of French women and men is increasingly reduced. For months, in fact, they have had to deal with the increase in the price of daily life and the shortages that follow one another. Several sectors are involved: in large-scale distribution, some products could suffer a severe blow e prices increase by at least 10%as already explained Planet.

Without forgetting, of course, the field of energy! To preserve consumer savings, at least for a time, Jean Castex announced in 2021 its famous “tariff shield”, a rather imperfect bulwark that has never stopped wielding ever since. Nor should we lose sight of fuel … and non-food items. Many works could cost more, due to the difficulty of finding the materials necessary for construction sites.. Still, this is far from it all.

the banking sectorhe is also shocked by the reality of the economic situation. Both nationally and internationally. “Inflation, Ukraine: after the Fed, the Bank of England raises the rate to 1%, the ECB under pressure”, the headline recently The gallery on his site. Not enough to worry French customers, who are staying far enough away from demand? Nothing is less certain … When the ECB takes hits, the impact is often felt as far as France.

The latter could in fact be tempted to increase some tariffs. But what are we talking about, exactly, and how could this materialize for the French? Summary.

Bank: first inflation-related shocks are felt

In fact, he explains BFM TV on its website, the first tremors are already felt. In France, and elsewhere, there is an increase in credit rates. It also tends to accelerate. From then on, it becomes increasingly difficult – or, at the very least, increasingly expensive – to borrow money.

Between December 2021 and April 2022, rates rose by 25 basis points, regardless of the repayment period provided for in the contract. This is a substantial development since in the month of April alone the increase was 1.27%. Of course, it differs slightly depending on the repayment duration.

  • For a 15-year loan, it comes 1.12% on average.
  • For a 20-year loan, it reaches 1.25% on average.
  • For a 25-year loan, it comes 1.37% on average.

Bank: can you still request a repayment period?

This is not the only impact to be aware of when preparing to invest in real estate; whether it is a residential or rental acquisition. Banks are starting to increase the minimum repayment term. It is, informs the CSA Crédit Logement Observatory, of which BFM TV collects information.

“The long term of the loan has so far allowedmitigate the consequences of rising house pricesand to keep access to credit possible for many home ownership and rental investment candidates, who are the borrowers most affected by the increase in mandatory personal contribution rates “, he states in effect on the organization. possible to take advantage of short-term loans …

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