Binance NFT Marketplace: Everything you need to know about its launch!

You could not wait and it will finally arrive this June 24th! After many teasers, Binance’s NFT platform will launch this Thursday and here’s what to expect.

The “Genesi” collection.

The purpose of this NFT collection is to pay homage to pioneering artists Andy Warhol And Salvador Dali, whose innovative approach to art is reflected in today’s NFT. NFT technology is revolutionizing the art world by giving the digital ownership concept a completely new approach.

“Binance shares the same values ​​as ‘Genesis’, revolutionizing the fintech space with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and paving the way as a pioneering blockchain leader. An ideology shared by the ‘Genesis’ auction that will do the same for the NFT industry. “

Elena Hai, Binance NFT Manager

This collection will be part of the “Premium event“And will include two iconic works of art:

  • Three self-portraits fromAndy Warhol
The 3 portraits are Nirvana, Vitality and Harmony.

Given that leader of the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol introduced into the art world screen printing, a commercial printing technique that allows designs to be easily reproduced.

Three Self-Portraits is an iconic example of this technique, featuring the artist’s striking renders in vibrant colors. Although the three self-portraits are ultimately made up of the same image, each rendering (titled Nirvana, Vitality and Harmony) it has a unique texture and colorgiving self-portraits their own style.

The introduction of Warhol mass production techniques in the visual arts have foreshadowed today’s digital world, where content can be easily copied, downloaded and shared. Work it, do it, do it 🔈 🔉 🔊

Just as Warhol changed the perception of the value of reproducible works of art, NFT technology has forever changed the way we value digital art.

This recreational series will be available June 24 at 10:00 (UTC +8), with a exclusive draw of 100 NFT. One of the buyers will also receive the physical artwork shipped by Apenft.

  • The divine Comedy: Regenerates from Salvador Dali
The Divine Comedy NFT with the bitcoin symbol.

Salvador Dalì’s work, Divine Comedy: rebeget, was commissioned in 1965 by the Italian government to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the famous poet’s birth Dante Alighieri. Dante’s Divine Comedy is one of the best-known literary works in the modern world and Dalì’s watercolors pay homage to the journey represented there.

A precursor of Renaissance literature, the Divine Comedy has influenced countless artists and helped shape the world of modern art. 2021 marks the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death. To commemorate this anniversary, Binance NFT offers a digitally recreated version of the Divine Comedy: rebeget in NFT.

The Divine Comedy NFT has elements related to the blockchain with theand bitcoin symbolthe binance logo And CZ’s signature in the work itself (can only be seen when zooming in!), as a nod to the fundamental impact Binance NFT hopes to have on the NFT world.

This NFT will be available June 24 at 10:00 (UTC + 8).

But what is hidden in these mysterious Tokidoki boxes?

The ” mysterious boxes they are a new fun way to users to unlock special NFTs with the guarantee of containing an NFT, ranging from ultra rare and limited items, to more common items. A kind of NFT Loot Box!

The first collection of mystery boxes to be launched will be ” tokidoki ”, an internationally recognized lifestyle brandbased on the vision of the Italian artist Simone Wood.

Over millions of physical tokidoki have been sold around the world and, more recently, 110,000 digital tokidoki were sold in minutes!

This first “Mystery Box” collection. will contain 16 characters including 3 Binance characters obtainable only in the first ever Binance NFT “Mystery Box”!

Get your first “Mystery Box” starting at 20:00 (UTC +8) on June 24th.

The “100 creators” program.

Recently, the “100 Creators” program was announced to highlight local creators.

These 100 creators will periodically post their NFTs on the Marketplace. Follow your favorite creators on social media to make sure you don’t miss their NFT releases!

The “100 creators” program debuts. the “market” category, which features the works of talented artists and creators from around the world. The fees will be among the lowest on the market, with 1% processing fee, while creators and artists will receive 1% lifetime royalties, on every NFT sale or trade on Binance NFT Marketplace, regardless of the number of times the artwork changes hands.

Be in the starting blocks for Thursday! Binance still has many surprises in store for you! I was told in the headset that users who sign up during the first month of launch and purchase their first NFT will be able to walk away with a limited edition NFT 😉

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