Blockchain: signs an agreement with the University of Pennsylvania

In a press release he formalized the cryptocurrency exchange, already known for its involvement in strict compliance with the standards that govern its business, stated that it will offer an undisclosed amount to the Crypto. Research Lab of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). This donation will spur efforts to implement concepts to respect the security and privacy of people on the web.

The purpose of the donation the team will receive has signed an agreement for fund research on the blockchain in the next two years. This collaboration will take place with teams from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Crypto Research Lab. According to official information, the donations that will be paid will be used carry out studies on how the cryptocurrency could raise the level of data security and privacy people who use the blockchain. COO Eric Anziani said: “The focus of the University of Pennsylvania Cryptocurrency Lab will be extremely useful for larger and more real blockchain applications, while exploring new approaches to improve privacy and security capabilities. We are very happy to support the creation of this blockchain research lab. within such a prestigious university program “.

Additionally, the announcement made it clear that UPenn will create a new research center at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, using the two-year research grant. Furthermore, we know which research activities they will focus on: transparency and trust in businesses and authorities in cryptocurrencies. projects

It is obvious that has the ambition to make the blockchain safer and more appropriate with the standards of the authorities. Furthermore, it is not the first time that it has operated in this direction. In fact, on numerous occasions, he has supported university research initiatives focused on blockchain technology.

Over the past month, the cryptocurrency exchange has revealed information related to aa research donation which he granted for the development of the digital currency of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This research project will lead to various studies to improve the security of bitcoin (BTC).

It should also be noted that the cryptocurrency company has accepted sponsor the creation of the Secure Blockchain initiative in March, led by Carnegie Mellon University. This project aims to improve blockchain security and increase understanding of digital ecosystems.

Crypto exchange wants to put everything in place to support the development of the blockchain. To this end, it supports various teams by funding their activities and the research they carry out.

Source: Bitcoinist

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