Blockchain: In the Philippines, a training program for non-financial applications

Who is a blockchain expert here? – The Philippines you want to go further in the adventure blockchain by launching a program of training in the field. This initiative, however, would not be meant to promote Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrencies. The country wants to use blockchain especially outside the financial sphere.

Soon local blockchain experts in the Philippines

Enrico Paringitan official of the Philippine Department of Science and Technology, announced that the institute has launched a program of blockchain training. The latter is dedicated to researchers from various research and development institutes and other units of the ministry.

Funding for the program would amount to 1.6 million Philippine pesos. This training aims to address the lack of blockchain skills in the country.

Due to this skills gap, the Philippine Council for Research and Development of Technologies for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technologies (PCIEERD) even had, according to Enrico Paringit, difficulties to establish the program training:

“We had a hard time finding experts or senior developers with whom to share their experience in developing blockchain-based systems. “

However, the Secretary of State for Science, Fortunato de la Penahighlighted the fact that blockchain is “An important emerging technology in which we must be involved”.

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Seen thanks to the blockchain: use cases beyond finance

The goal of the program would not be do not produce blockchain specialists. Their “They tend to focus on financial services mainly on cryptocurrencies”.

Rather, the training would aim at “Support the way government agencies” could use the blockchain. This would then involve carrying out financial transactions and collecting taxes. It should also help these institutions to do so “Identify the beneficiaries of health care, financial support” by the state.

Enrico Paringit also discussed other blockchain use cases for the Philippines: issuance passports and of Visaregistration of patents and of Marche as well as the acts ofmarital statusl – birth, marriage and death certificates. Blockchain could be used to preserve the integrity of government records.

The Philippines already have launched its digital weight. Through this blockchain formation, the country apparently wants to take the digitization of its economy and its administration using decentralized technology.

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