Blockchain Kava (KAVA): significant improvements

Kava’s blockchain announces some improvements to its ecosystem. In particular there is the launch of the mainnet Kava 10, which also leads to the launch of its own EVM. In this article we also introduce Earn’s new method. An offer with simpler DeFi strategies.

Implementation of over 35 protocols on Kava 10

Kava Earn, simplified decentralized finance

The Earn product simplifies DeFi by combining the functionality of Mint, Lend and Swap. Its goal is to offer users simple DeFI strategies. This will reduce user actions to a simple supply and pick up user experience. For this first edition, Kava Earn is targeting Binance USD, a popular stablecoin on many exchanges.

Through Kava Earn, safe strategies with high returns are made available to users. Although the risks are present, they are greatly reduced with this new procedure. Plus, users won’t have to hone their skills to better manage their positions.

The next step for Kava Earn is the integration of USDC and USDT stablecoins into its strategy. This is also a particular expectation of users. As it develops, the Earn product aims to minimize risk to users while ensuring safety when adding new assets.

Launch of the Kava 10 core network

In parallel, the blockchain also announced the launch of the Kava 10 mainnet. This also activated the EVM, the Ethereum virtual machine on the Kava network. This is a big step for the blockchain, which aims to become the best construction hub.

With the launch of the Kava 10 core network, a feature is opening up for Metamask, with many opportunities for users. Indeed, with this launch, users can “envelope” And to discard “quickly cryptocurrencies, via this popular DeFi application. Furthermore, the offered rates are reduced to a minimum, opening up interesting opportunities for both users and developers.

In addition, the activation of Kava’s EVM and updates to the DeFi protocols allowed the implementation of three points on the network:

  • Liquidity protocols
  • Performance aggregators
  • Decentralized exchange protocols

Finally, more than 35 Web3 protocols will also be implemented on the Kava 10 network after its launch. This includes Beefy finance, Ren Protocol, Autifarm and even Multichain.


Kava earns and the launch of Kava 10 are real hits for the blockchain. The improvements and updates are substantial and offer a better experience for users, but also for network developers. The community is currently waiting for the different features to be added over time, especially for Kava Earn.

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