Blockchain to the rescue – The 2024 Paris Olympics will be done on the web 3

cryptocurrency marathon – The blockchain thanks to its system of tamper-proof coded blocks allows the immutability of the data it contains. It also offers full transparency on the exchanges it authorizes. This technology is gradually being adopted by international institutions and governments. China, for example, is sowing its digital yuan and is using the possibilities of the blockchain to organize big events like the 2022 Winter Olympics. Earlier this week, the inter-ministerial delegate for the Olympic Games announced that he was following this trend. The blockchain will light up for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Blockchain for the 2024 Paris Olympics

Collective memory recalls the UEFA Champions League fiasco. Last May he pitted Liverpool against Real Madrid.

The inter-ministerial delegate Michel Cadot in charge of making the link between the public institutions and the private companies organizing the Games presented his report, addressed to the French government. Inspired by recent events at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, the delegate stresses the need for increased security for the Paris Olympics.

The topics detailed in the form of 5 recommendations are numerous. Blockchain technology (recommendation 4) which allows:

  • deploy a generalized ticket office;
  • greater security;
  • ticket dematerialization.

The blockchain, more generally, is evident in the organization of large sporting events in France. Bulwark against large-scale fraud, it should, according to the report, be widespread.

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The blockchain: a security to be adopted

Some clues about the implementation of these tokenized tickets are then cited. The organization would transmit dematerialized tickets via blockchain a few days before D-Day. “A rotating QR code that uses blockchain technology” would then be provided. It would only be activated within the security perimeter of the Olympic site.

It is therefore a question of considering what is at stake in its entirety. The organization of the Olympic Games is just one example of what will already be done for the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France:

“These provisions are already foreseen for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and practiced by major events such as the French Open tennis tournament.. “

L’blockchain adoption from large institutions and corporations it seems only a matter of time. It remains to be seen to what extent players hooked on traditional finance will be able to drive this transition to web3 technology. The blockchain would therefore bridge the gap between the local management and the international management of the sporting event.

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