Credit consolidation: the solution for every family need and desire

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Can you explain to us what the grouping of credits consists of?

Still little known in France, this financing solution is still often perceived as the ultimate alternative to over-indebtedness. In fact, resorting to the repurchase of credits can be a solution to financially relieve a family that has multiplied revolving loans. However, this financial operation has more noble ambitions. Loan pooling therefore consists of combining all your bank loans into one *. The credit offered by Ymanci is then calculated on the basis of a single fixed rate, lower than a conventional consumer loan. Finally, the total amount is spread over a longer period and according to the specific repayment capacity of each.

Specifically, why use the credit redemption system?

A lower borrowing rate associated with the possibility of financing over a longer period allows:

– Or to find a new budget balance for households that have taken out more loans or are facing a decline in income (divorce, loss of family job, retirement, etc.). The operation consists of taking over existing loans and refinancing them at a more advantageous rate over a longer period, which allows you to lower the monthly payment by controlling the total cost of the credit.

-Or to finance new projects for a family, in possession of 1 or 2 credits and not wanting to be financially tied. This solution offers them the opportunity to finance work, a car, their children’s studies: without increasing the monthly payments of existing loans *.

-Or to finance atypical properties that are difficult to finance with conventional bank loans: investments in a wine estate, investments in SCPI, works of art, collector’s cars, property abroad, etc.

Which customers can benefit from a credit consolidation?

Anyone can subscribe to a loan pool from the moment you have at least one loan and want to finance a new project. The motivations of our customers are many: investor who wants to obtain a new financing capacity, owner who has a mortgage and wants to do a job, wants to reduce the monthly installments to anticipate the loss of income upon retirement, or simply find a second budget increase … This banking operation meets the same requirements as any other credit, so acceptance of a case will depend more on the subscriber’s repayment capabilities than on a typical profile. Choosing a credit group means showing pragmatism and anticipation.

What advice would you give to people who want to start the process?

Connect to our site, you have a series of practical tools:

A barometer of the loan consolidation rate. Simulators that, in a few data, calculate in real time the amount of the new monthly payment to which the customer can request and / or compare the most advantageous solution: consumer credit financing, credit consolidation and mortgage (1).

Depending on whether they are owners or tenants and based on a few other parameters, the loan can be made over a period ranging from 3 to 35 years. For example, a proprietary customer can get a loan over 15 years at a rate of 1.2% and 1.75% over 25 years *.

Contact our consultants who will make you an in-depth, free, personalized and non-binding study. Optimized borrower profile, improvement of the residual to live on, monthly payment reduced by up to 60% *, the advantages of using credit consolidation are certainly no longer to be demonstrated, these are facts. We guarantee the best rate (2), i.e. if the customer finds a better offer elsewhere, we undertake to refund the difference.

* A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before committing. Offer subject to conditions subject to acceptance by one of our banking partners, credit institutions. The reduction in the amount of the monthly installments can lead to a lengthening of the duration of the loan, to an increase in the total cost of credit and to an increase in total debt. No payments of any kind may be required from an individual before obtaining one or more cash loans. For a credit consolidation operation subject to the consumer credit system, the borrower can withdraw without reason within fourteen calendar days from the day of acceptance of the credit agreement offer. For a credit consolidation operation subject to the mortgage system, the borrower has a cooling-off period of ten days after receiving the loan offer. If the sale is conditional on obtaining the loan and this is not obtained, the seller must repay the borrower the sums paid.

(1) The simulation is carried out according to the elements communicated by the Internet user and according to the conditions in force on the day of the simulation, subject to change and is intended for natural persons of age, excluding professional needs. It does not constitute a loan offer and cannot have a contractual value.

(2) Find the details and conditions of the guarantee at Ymanci Consolidation of the branded trade receivables of PremiDirect, SAS with capital of € 234,000 – Registered office: Zac Croix St Nicolas, 1 rue de Lorraine, 54840 Gondreville, RCS Nancy n ° 421 422 734 – ORIAS n ° 07 002 351 – Broker and insurance brokerage agent. (Information available on Non-exclusive agent in banking operations of: CA CONSUMER FINANCE, 1, rue Victor Basch 91068 MASSY CEDEX / BNP PARIBAS PERSONAL FINANCE, 1 boulevard Haussmann 75 318 Paris Cedex 09 / CFCAL, 1 rue du Dôme – BP 102 – 67003 STRASBOURG Cedex / CGL , 69 avenue de Flandres 59708 MARCQ-EN-BAROEUL Cedex / CREATIS, 61 avenue Halley – Parc de la Haute Borne – 59650 VILLENEUVE D’ASCQ / MY MONEY BANK, Tour Europlaza 92063 PARIS LA DEFENCE CEDEX / LA BANQUE POSTALE CONSUMER FINANCE, 1 -3 avenue François Mitterrand 93 212 LA PLAINE ST DENIS – Company subject to the supervision of the Supervisory Supervisory and Resolution Authority – 4, Place de Budapest CS 92459 75436 PARIS Cedex 9 –; Complaints office: Zac Croix St Nicolas, 1 rue de Lorraine, 54840 Gondreville –

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