Cryptocurrencies abound – you can report them on this platform

The world of cryptocurrencies is full of scams, whether it’s buying fake tokens, attempting to steal NFTs, phishing or investing in shady projects. There is a site that helps you find your way around.

There is no shortage of scams on the Internet. Unfortunately, this phrase is also true in the cryptocurrency sector, where attempts at scams, thefts and deceptions are extremely numerous. The situation is such that Numerama has already written a guide that presents some tips and tools, to avoid falling into a trap when trying to invest in a crypto project.

Now there is a new tool: Abuse of chains. The site, launched in May 2022, references the latest scam attempts spotted by internet users and offers a lot of information about scammers.

The home page of the site. // Source: chain abuse screenshot

A platform to report and look for scams

Chainabuse is described as a platform that allows anyone to report fraudulent behavior on all blockchains and “ discover cryptocurrencies, scams and illegal activities “.” Chainabuse was launched to help users around the world have a more secure cryptographic environment “, explains the site, developed and managed by TRM Labs, a company specializing in blockchain security. In addition to reporting on fraudulent sites or people with illegal activities, it is possible to search by name and type of scam.

Since its launch in May 2022, Chainabuse has already received 812 reports, of which more than 200 scams on the Ethereum blockchain, 199 on the bitcoin one and more than 100 on the Binance chain. We can also see that 65 scams say ” carpet sweater are listed and 89 NFT related scams. It’s no surprise: these are some of the most popular flying techniques, not least due to the popularity of non-fungible tokens. Numeroma has also spoken several times about some of these scams.

The most numerous scam attempts are fraudulent sites claiming to collect donations to help Ukrainians who are victims of the Russian invasion. These scam attempts all seem to work according to the same modus operandi, posing as associations present in the field and accepting different cryptocurrencies.

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 15.21.26
An example of a fake donation site for Ukraine. // Source: Chaineabuse

But be careful: if you have been the victim of a crypto scam, filing a complaint on Chainabuse is not the same as filing a complaint. Reporting isn’t even a guarantee that you’ll be able to get your money back. However, ” reporting Chainabuse can help potential victims avoid the scam. We encourage all victims to inform the judicial authorities of their country “, Is announced on the site.

In France, you can report to Pharos, the official platform for reporting illegal content and behavior online. You can also file a complaint online directly to Europol, the police office of the European Union.

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