Cryptocurrency exchange Binance wants to show its credentials in Belgium

Passing through Brussels, the boss of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange reveals his plans for Belgium, which include discussions with the FSMA.

Changpeng Zhao is a star in the cryptocurrency universe. The Chinese-born entrepreneur, expatriated to Canada before leading the life of a globetrotter, is the founder and head of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Despite the current collapse of the cryptocurrency market, the CEO weighs more than $ 10 billionaccording to the Bloomberg agency, which places him in the category of the 200 richest people on the planet.

600 cryptocurrency fans in Brussels

“Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Belgium.

Changpeng Zhao

Binance CEO

The entrepreneur, who goes by the name of CZ on social networks, is passing through Brussels. This Sunday he was distinguished guest of a event organized by Binance at Dockx Brussels, in front of 600 cryptocurrency fans totally committed to his cause. For Changpeng Zhao, Belgium represents a strategic market. More than 500,000 Belgians hold cryptocurrency. “Binance is the first cryptocurrency exchange platform in Belgium,” says the CEO. For Belgian investors, Binance is therefore the first gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies.

The boss has just returned from a visit to Paris, where he notably has a speech at the Vivatech fair. This is the second time he has traveled to Belgium. “As in all the countries I go to, it is an opportunity to meet decision makers. In Brussels the interest is also to meet European decision makers”, underlines the CEO.

“We are talking to regulators in many countries, including Belgium.”

Changpeng Zhao

Binance CEO

Changpeng Zhao is on a world tour to prove that his platform is a serious and trusted player in the world of cryptocurrencies. In Europe, the company has already obtained a official approval in four countries (France, Lithuania, Sweden, Italy). She is not going to stop there. “We are talking to regulators in many countries, including Belgium,” said the entrepreneur.

Contacts with the FSMA

Of the contacts were then established between Binance and FSMA, the Belgian watchdog of the financial markets. The new regulations allow cryptocurrency exchange platforms report to the FSMA to obtain a provisional license. The deadline for submitting the dossier is 1 July. Binance could be one of the first platforms to show its credentials to the Belgian regulator.

For Binance, the European market is a key market. There are a lot of cryptocurrency investors there. “It is the most important market, with the American market”, underlines the CEO. Changpeng Zhao has chosen to make France its decision-making center. Binance expects to hire 500 people in France by the end of the year, which represents a quarter of the company’s planned hires for 2022. “In Belgium we have a small team, but it will grow“says the CEO. Currently about 35 employees work for Binance’s Benelux office.

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