Expression: National – In Anarchy

Private real estate construction, which used land anarchically, declined with the arrival of national housing programs.

Prices fell slightly, but so did the work. The real estate sector has experienced a great dynamic, both in terms of work and in terms of commercial transactions.
In fact, at the level of construction sites, it is decidedly slow. Many contractors interviewed report this recession as the price of building materials increases. For its part, this decline in construction activity has led to a decline in the supply of jobs on construction sites. We have therefore seen the decline in house prices even if this trend is not very visible.
In fact, silence reigns on construction sites. “A few months ago the atmosphere on the construction site was very lively, with dozens of workers, even hundreds when the work was in full swing. Today, as you can see, there is a hammer blow here, another there. Construction sites are spooky. Labor is not necessary because the companies have no raw materials ”, explains a foreman in the town of Draâ Ben Khedda, which has experienced a real economic boom in recent years. In another construction site. The work is on the interior decorations. So we tried to gauge the sales climate. “Absolutely nothing.
People don’t buy despite falling prices. The Covid-19 crisis has hit all families. People are no longer even looking for bank loan purchases. They are afraid of not being able to pay back. It must also be said that the low purchasing power of families has meant that the budgets for the purchase of cars and apartments are not on the agenda of families who only think about covering food and school expenses for their own. children, “says an entrepreneur from the city of Tigzirt.
Hence, due to lack of sales, many resort to renting, especially in coastal cities. “I have rented most of my apartments in the city of Tigzirt.
Summer visitors rent by the week or by the month. There are now no vacant apartments.
The program is complete until September, ”explains another entrepreneur from the same city who claims to have stopped his construction sites until further notice. In fact, the boom is over. The real estate sector took the direction of the downward curve. Finally, it should be noted that the city of Tizi Ouzou, which experienced a boom in the 1990s, saw the construction of its new city halted due to the anarchy that reigned in the sector. Private real estate construction, which used land anarchically, declined with the arrival of national housing programs. Furthermore, with the launch of these programs, the center of excellence has concentrated all projects with a notable decline in real estate transactions.
The other LPA, LPP and social housing formulas put an end to this flourishing business, but which lived in total anarchy.

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