Faced with difficult end of month, more and more Girondins are resorting to pledged loans

Previously called “pawn shop “,” my aunt “or” the nail “the pawnbroker appears as a cure for the crisis for the most precarious When inflation reaches record levels, many Girondins turn to the Crédit municipal de Bordeaux “to fill the shopping cart or pay the bills“.

“I put my jewelry down, it hurts but we have no choice” (Fatima, retired caregiver)

With 700 euros of old-age pension, Fatima “I can’t live anymore”. This Bordeaux woman is forced to exchange her jewels for a few hundred euros. “Everything has increased, I’ve lived in Bordeaux for 36 years, I’ve never seen him “.

“We see people who haven’t come to visit us in recent years”

Thierry Fauchard, director of the Crédit municipal de Bordeaux testifies to thisrenewed activity for many months. “I remember this retired lady, who came to take over what was left of her house. She had brought a gold lighter and the ring he wore on her finger. She left with a € 400 loan. You could see that she was in great difficulty. “

“We had problems because we were banned from banking” (Isabelle and Alain)

Young single mother, Arielle promised jewelry “to be able to take his children on vacation”. “Take my kids to Disney, I can’t do it with my salary. Right now, it’s super hard.”

“More and more people who are struggling to finish the month”

If some clients of the Crédit municipal do not dare to report their difficulties, Isabelle and Alain say it in no uncertain terms. “We needed money to pay the bills. We didn’t have enough income.”. Banned from banking since 2020the retired couple filed rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Isabelle and Alain, a retired couple, angry at the rising cost of living. © Radio France
Jules Brelaz

“We have a lot of activity since the fifteenth of the month” (Thierry Fauchard, director of Crédit municipal de Bordeaux)

“We are here to help people excluded from banking”, explains Thierry Fauchard. indebted people, “largely in debt on their accounts or which are on file with the Banque de France, they no longer have any prospect of being able to have money. In order to live, they can no longer borrow. And suddenly, we are often their last resource”.

More than 9 out of 10 owners repossess their property

This is guaranteed by the municipal credit of Bordeaux 95% of the objects are recovered by the owner. After one or two years of borrowing (a period that can be extended), customers have to pay back the money. Those who don’t, sell their jewelry or other valuables at auction.

“A gold medal, two sapphire pendants, a diamond ring …”

Among these assets left as a pledge that the Girondins could not redeem are gold rings, diamond necklaces, Mont-Blanc pens or these six bottles of Château Cheval Blanc 1er Grand Cru Classé de Saint-Emilion 2014. The case will be auctioned this Thursday (9:39 am to 4:30 pm) at the Crédit municipal de Bordeaux.

The jewelry that the owners could not repurchase will be resold at auction on Thursday.
The jewelry that the owners could not repurchase will be resold at auction on Thursday. © Radio France
Jules Brelaz

People who could not repay the loan can still receive part of the auction proceeds. This is called a bonus. Thierry Fauchard takes the example of a person “he came to make a loan as a pledge of 200 euros and that he cannot repay his pledge “.

The customer owes a capital of 200 euros to which 20 euros of interest are added. “We are going to auction your property and given the very high price of gold, your jewel could be sold for 500 euros. We will then recover the 220 euros we owed. And the remaining 280 euros will go to those who have it. made the loan A way to complete the social vocation“, says the director of the municipal credit of Bordeaux.

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