From the Walkman to the metaverse: Sony arrives on the web 3

Walkman 3.0 – Many are the giants of gaming and social media who undertake the technologies of the blockchain And web 3. Attracted by their potential, two styles then oppose each other in the race for metaverse. In fact, while some are busy with lots of ads, others take their time and build silently to move forward by leaps and bounds. Sony, the king of web2 technology, proud creator of the Playstation is one of them. After a few discreet announcements, the technological monster confirms its desire for spaces towards the web3. Explanations.

It is therefore up to the global electronics giant to focus its marketing strategy on developing the experiences of the metaverse. This strategy is not new. In fact, SONY has confirmed that it takes the metaverse issue seriously. investing in Epic Games. Fortnite is this company’s flagship game.

The company therefore confirms, after a recently established conglomerate, its long-term choice. Prestigious partner, solid project: the multinational prepares the ground to bring out the big game.

Aware of the strength and power of the metaverse, the Playstation designer confirms the entertainment industry’s interest in the social networks of tomorrow. In this sense Kenichiro Yoshida, general manager of the multinational, states:

“The metaverse is both a social space and a live network space. Games, music, movies and animations intersect (…) We think this will be a catalyst for improving our live gaming skills (…) it’s an important step towards becoming cross-platform. “

In these statements it was then mentioned the intention to use the Playstation brand which has a very large number of potential future users of the metaverse. This gold mine must be exploited according to the company.

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In the race for the metaverse, some were ahead. Half first develop a virtual universe: Worlds of the horizon available through the Oculus VR headset. Microsoft, for its part, has launched Sweater, a corporate metaverse. Sony with its announcements therefore confirms to level up and even becomes threatening for its competitors. The technological giant has in fact presented a range of VR headsets that work with the PS5.

March results for the company confirm Sony’s public interest in entertainment. In fact, games, music and movies make up 70% of the company’s profits.

The innovations don’t stop there. The tech giant has already iterated hybridizations of playful universes from several titles. In this sense, Fortnite since 2018 it has been developing cross-play technology and therefore a common space. Epic, for its part, said the “V-Bucks” in-game token would be usable on other platforms.

“PlayStation has played a huge role in the social gaming revolution that fuels the growth of the Metaverse as a new medium of entertainment. “

Epic CEO, Tim Sweeney, Twitter

Sandboxes, Meta, Decentraland, metaverses are no longer a chimera, they exist and are numerous. It remains to be seen who will realize the tech feat of offering to open metaverse, at the crossroads of worlds.

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