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Interested in Metaverse, Marco Zuckerberg heralds a new technological revolution that will impact all areas of life. This “metaverse” will allow you to explore a virtual world that offers many more possibilities in terms of innovation and communication. Beyond these innovations, the “metaverse” also represents a golden opportunity to invest in technology. How to proceed ? This is the objective of this article which presents you, along the lines to follow, some ways of investing in the “metaverse”.

Buy cryptocurrencies related to the Metaverse

To purchase metaverse assets, you can invest in metaverse games such as The sandbox (SAND), Decentral (MANA) And Axis of infinity (AXES). To buy cryptocurrencies from these companies, you can go to a cryptocurrency exchange and buy them. The best way to profit from cryptocurrencies without taking too much risk is to simply ownEthereum (ET). If you wish, the Metavers Index it is a viable option to know the currencies that come from the realm of the “metaverse”. On this index, you can gather all information about coins based on the “metaverse” and get an overview of which coin would be the best to invest in.

Buy stocks on the stock market

Many companies plan to be real players in the Metaverse. It would therefore be interesting to buy their shares on the stock exchange. Here are a few.

  • Half (already Facebook): the digital company has announced an initial investment of 10 billion dollars for the development of the “metaverse”. He plans to take advantage of virtual commerce and advertising.
  • UnitySoftware : This company specializing in video game design has systems to design the various movements of players on video platforms. It recently acquired shares of Weta-Digitalethe company that produced the special effects of the film on Lord of the Rings.
  • Roblox Corp. : is a digital entertainment platform that allows users to develop games. It has a total of 50 million active users using the platform’s virtual currency.

No one knows for sure what form the metaverse will eventually take or what companies will be at its core, but it would be hard to pretend it is going to disappear. The trends are clear, metavers are enjoying growing popularity. However, with so much uncertainty, the best solution is to monitor progress in all directions and remember to look beyond the most obvious course of action.

Invest in virtual real estate

Businesses and the rich are spending millions to reclaim their share of virtual land. bunting it is an inclusive NFT project 100,000 plots Earth. She has already sold more than 60% of its lots. It is based on the Cardano blockchain and has a strong community of over 8,700 NFT landowners. Another popular project is Decentral (MANA). Currently, almost 7,000 addresses the portfolios hold approximately 36 million MANA. Decentral It also attracts a lot of interest from financial institutions and celebrities.

You can buy these NFT through platforms such asOffshore, through auctions. The downside is that many of the initial prices of these NFTs are quite high. For example, the cheapest land in The sandbox listed on OpenSea is currently on sale at approx $ 3500. However, if you own one, you can still rent it to content creators, gamers, game developers, who cannot buy land, but can rent it. Renting your own land is therefore a great way to earn money in the “metaverse”.

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