Kenya, the future blockchain nation? NEAR wants to educate about the challenges of tomorrow

Soon crypto-talents in Africa?The web application development company3, hambobased in Congo, he recently said he wanted to to educate its user base to blockchain and Web3 games. This month is NEAR Foundation who has decided to collaborate with the blockchain community Sankore. Their common goal is to train blockchain developers and analysts Kenya.

The NEAR foundation wants to train in blockchain

The Swiss non-profit foundation, NEIGHBORhas announced that it has joined the association Sankore to launch the “Regional hub of Kenya”. This hub is made up of a team of 4 people. Their mission will be to organize events, launch a academy and open to incubator on the topic of blockchain.

In addition, in the long run, this project should enable talents to be trained. By doing so, they will be able to participate in the construction of blockchain projects In Africa. The first meetings organized by NEIGHBOR and the Sankore Association had strong participation from the Kenyan people.

Participants in a meeting on the blockchain theme organized by Sankore – Source:

Additionally, the hub’s education arm already has close links with several local universities. 77 students they are therefore registered in the workshops of developers certified by NEAR. Otherwise, 6 students are already recognized as certified NEAR developers.

The founder of Sankore, Kevin Imaniwelcomed the partnership concluded:

“We are excited to work with NEAR to educate and train talented individuals to become world-class blockchain developers. Our dream is to pave the way for blockchain innovations, providing solutions to Africa’s biggest problems. “

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Sakore association does blockchain training in Africa

The Sankore association already supports blockchain-based African projects. This is especially true of the project “Kilimo Shwari”. This insurance program it is based on blockchain. Help farmers cope with natural disasters.

Then, another NEAR-backed project focuses on struggle against fraudulent documents In Africa. This project, called Ledja “it relies on the NEAR protocol to verify documents.

From now on, Sankore will embark on the educational part with NEAR. The CEO of the NEAR Foundation, Marieke FlamentShe said :

“This hub represents a unique opportunity to collaborate with local talent, not only for existing opportunities, but also for those that have yet to be created in the future. “

It must be said that NEAR invests heavily in educational centers all over the world: China, the Balkans and even in Ukraine. Usually run by local entrepreneurs, NEAR hubs therefore operate as independent legal persons. They are therefore fully in line with the Foundation’s objectives.

Creating this hub a Kenya can only contribute toadoption blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on the continent of Africa. Furthermore, it is already at the top of the rankings, being considered the 3rd continent who has morecryptocurrency users.

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