Mainnet Ternoa, promised land of NFT technology

Ternoa is a French project that has many ideas. As the entire ecosystem falters, its blockchain technology that redefines non-fungible tokens continues to evolve. A smooth journey that delivers month after month the NFT and network innovations that make this unique project unique. With the arrival of a perfectly functioning and above all very promising Mainnet, important announcements follow one another. We visit the future giant.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Ternoa.

Augmented NFTs, a Mainnet to exploit them, Ternoa assumes their uniqueness

Ternoa is an open source and decentralized Layer 1 protocol which allows, among other things, to create secure and scalable NFTs. From the start, the company has provided developers with access to independent and decentralized infrastructure, a close-knit community, and funding. The Mainnet launched since April is the final version of the blockchain technology Ternoa.

This is the stabilized network, ready to be used by validators and users. In fact, every distributed item is subject to previous community testing on the Alphanet test network. The final approved versions are then prepared and distributed on the Mainnet through a governance proposal. Native CAPS tokens thus become an important pillar of the Ternoa ecosystem since they are used to pay transaction fees, to give you the floor and to secure the entire network staking.

Ternoa is a French project that offers enhanced and secure NFT technology

The other pillar of Ternoa are NFT. A unique and central digital format for the entire ecosystem. An alleged working angle that starts from the observation that developers working on creating useful NFTs face many challenges and often navigate on sight. Exorbitant research and development costs, and information retrieval and sharing difficult for developers, the list of constraints is long. With its Mainnet, Ternoa now offers many features to adapt its multi-chain NFT network to the needs of the developer community.

Original and disruptive innovations

Indeed, since April, phase 1 has been successfully conducted and completed. An operation of the core network that has gone through several major structural phases, some of which are already in use on a daily basis.

  • The bridge between Ethereum and Ternoa it’s fine. This is’a crucial element for the ecosystem, in terms of development and security. It relies on a network of relay nodes to securely transfer $ CAPS tokens. The code has been verified by Chainsulting. The bridge allows users to link their ERC-20 wallet (eg Metamask) to their native Substrate wallet (eg Polkadot.js wallet extension). The transfer between the Ethereum and Ternoa networks is just a formality.
  • A completely new SDK made an appearance. It is a software suite intended for developers. No doubt the easiest and fastest way to build on the protocol. Easy to install, it allows interaction with the network, accounts, balances and commissions. More features will be added in future releases. They will be adapted according to the evolution of the main network. We already know that these upcoming releases will introduce features related to staking and later to NFTs.
  • To check in real time the status of Ternoa networks (testnet, alphanet, mainnet) and of the IPFS network, a new page Terno state has been implemented. More metrics will be added soon.
  • Implementation of “Nominator Staking & Rewards”. CAPS token holders can now select the validators of their choice to delegate their tokens to participate in network security and be rewarded for it.
The Ternoa network is preparing many developments in the near future to eventually be able to compete with the largest blockchains such as Ethereum or Solana
The Ternoa 2022 roadmap

A constantly evolving ecosystem

In addition to all these innovations, Ternoa continues to improve the existing one:

  • Ternoa’s wallet allows you to manage $ CAPS and mint NFTs from a phone. It also provides access to DApps connected to the Ternoa network. In addition to fixing some bugs, the 1.9 version of the wallet integrates Alphanet and Mainnet. Therefore, the transfer of $ CAPS between them is facilitated.
  • The network explorer is updated. It already allowed users to search for transactions, accounts and track capsules and NFTs. It now gets a new UI and supports the brand new Mainnet.

A large number of transformations and innovations which Ternoa recently wanted to present to community members. In fact, from the start of the subsequent phases that will lead to the finalized network, the Ternoa team has multiplied the initiatives aimed at cryptophiles, and far beyond. Therefore, the participants in the PBSfrom Conference office corner from London or from In blocks The Croatian had access to this information within the privileged framework of a direct exchange with the initiators of the project. An experience that, according to the team, was enriching at all levels, foreshadowing a new train of original and disruptive innovations.

Ternoa is harnessing this prolific momentum to increase awareness efforts. Thus, the project recently launched the “Ternoa Coffee Break” video series, live Contractionor find it on Youtube. Technical team members explain release details and more. And as if that were not enough, the founder of the project Mickael Canu has already warned. Big announcements are expected for her next scheduled appearance at NFT.NYC. In order not to miss anything, don’t hesitate to join the whole team Discord of Ternoa.

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