Massa: the blockchain that combines scalability and decentralization

Back to basics –Blockchain technology has long fueled people’s hopes for emancipation. An extreme decentralization in which each individual would finally have the control of their information, their finances, their destiny. Indeed, Satoshi’s vision faded. To reconnect with the libertarian ideal and put an end to the dictates of financial technocracy, Massa Labs wants to bring the individual back to the center of issues. A search for lightness, security, decentralization and scalability that leads to the birth of a potentially revolutionary protocol. It deserves a few minutes of attention.

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A disruptive French blockchain technology, cocorico!

It is quite rare to be stressed, the team behind the project is French. The concept was born in 2017 from the passion of three friends, Sébastien Forestier, Damir Vodenicarevic and Adrien Laversanne-Finot. At that time, these crypto-enthusiastic researchers found themselves confronted the problem of the so-called “Vitalik” trilemma.

Massa Labs solves the scalability trilemma problem

A technological constraint who wants us to give in on one of the three pillars of blockchain technology to improve the performance of the other two. An inevitable compromise for first and second generation protocols. Therefore, decentralization has all too often been abandoned in favor of network speed and security.

A fatality that Sébastien wants to fight with a simple idea: to parallelize the creation of blocks. Thus, in 2018, a first draft of the concept was born in the article entitled: “Scaling up blockchains by distributing transactions in a multichannel block chart”. A basis on which the trio will work tirelessly and which leads to the birth of the Massa Labs company in 2020.

France can boast of having many technological champions in the field of
Massa Labs is a blockchain of French origin

Massa Labs, an unprecedented sharding in the cryptocurrency ecosystem

We can state it here, Massa is perhaps the first blockchain to really solve this trilemma that sees decentralization, performance and security collide. For this, she relies on her parallel infrastructure called “Blockclique”. A technology based on horizontal partitioning (partitioning)but which allows the superimposition of the actions performed by the nodes that make up the network.

Traditionally, sharding is used to distribute the volume of transactions multiple channels made up of assigned nodes called “shards”. This approach poses a problem of reconciliation between the different shards which in practice limits performance. The Blockclique protocol is inspired by this principle to distribute transactions across different channels in an unprecedented way. This distribution allows the nodes to create blocks in the different channels (32 for the moment) without waiting for the propagation of the previous blocks. A technology called “multi-threaded block DAG”.

Multichannel sharding is the solution offered by Massa Labs to make your blockchain faster, more decentralized and more secure.
Visualization of the Massa Labs multichannel sharding

With this method, a node no longer needs to finalize a block to create the next block. Therefore, the time savings and scalability are colossal. This is a network capable of supporting nearly 10,000 transactions per second. On par with traditional financial systems and far ahead of nearly all competing tiers 1. A performance which, as you may have understood, is based on a necessarily dense network of knots. An imperative in terms of security and decentralization. And we saw it, in Massa Labs these two points are not negotiable.

Bringing people back to the center of the blockchain

The Massa blockchain actually belongs to its community. The consent of him based on the now well-known POS (Proof of Stake) has been optimized to escape the grasp of major financial players. Therefore, any user can simply become a validator and get paid for it. The testnet to which you are invited to participate allows you to experience it, with completely standard computer equipment. Power in the hands of users. DecentralizationOhn at its peak.

The Massa Labs blockchain operates according to a proof of work consensus principle.  The network validator nodes can be installed on any desktop computer
A basic computer is sufficient to run a node

Faithful to this philosophy of maximum inclusion, the team, which today has grown to include more than a dozen highly skilled technicians, wanted the ecosystem to have exemplary programmatic openness. As such, while the source language is the well-known Rust, smart contracts they can be encoded in languages ​​that already exist and are much more popular than Solidity. Another door has opened for the mass adoption of the Mass blockchain, which will undoubtedly be one of the biggest challenges for the French start-up.

MASS = MASS Adoption

The major players in the ecosystem are not wrong. With a win in the i-Lab 2021 innovation competition, the team has convinced big names in the crypto sector and collect 5 million euros during a first private sale. Also in this case, great attention was paid to the issue and distribution logic. A reasonable limit to the amount raised made it possible to avoid the so-called phenomenon of the “whale”, in order to preserve intact the ideal and the credibility of the discourse.

In cryptocurrencies as in the real world, money is the backbone of war.  Many important ecosystem players support the Massa project
Big names in the crypto sector support the Massa Labs project

But where is the wolf hiding? Do you have any idea how much it costs? It is true that we have not talked about commissions. Unfortunately for the detractors, here too the trend is towards sobriety. As the network grows, the costs are non-existent. And it may be that this free will be preserved throughout the mainnet. At a minimum, until the network reaches the theoretical limit of 10,000 tx / s!

Still don’t believe it? It’s up to you to try Testnet. Already 3000 knots in operation, it’s just waiting for you. A first step to get to know each other, and maybe take the investment step during the public sale scheduled for 2022.

Keep an eye on the project, subscribe without delay to the Twitter. If you are looking for the French-speaking community, go to Telegram in French. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to join the team who will be happy to answer you on Discord. Stay tuned!

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