Metaverse: Alibaba withdraws announcement of its NFT solution

No NFT for AlibabaAlibaba cloud takes one step forward, then two steps back, on his new NFT product. First it announces its launch. Then he tries to forget it. The official information on its new offering they really simply vanished.

Alibaba Cloud launches an NFT solution … that disappears

Alibaba’s cloud division announced in a tweet on June 8, 2022, the launch of an NFT solution.

Alibaba Cloud customers can use this new product to create their non-fungible token exposure. The offer includes an infrastructure web hosting, digital marketing and content delivery “.

This news should normally delight the crypto ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud, however, has sown the doubt on the actual launch of his NFT solution by deleting his tweet.

Furthermore, the official information on this new product are made rare on the Internet. The Alibaba Cloud website also doesn’t have a press release about it.

Google still indexes the link to the new product page. This link, however, redirects to a page on “Alibaba Cloud Best Practices for Financial Services”.

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Backtracking from Alibaba Cloud: a riddle and hypothesis

Alibaba Cloud has finally done inversion regarding the launch of his NFT solution ? In the absence of an official press release, the advanced answers are just simple hypothesis.

Alibaba Cloud may have decided to do so postpone the launch of its NFT solution, for technical reasons. The blur on the Chinese regulations on NFTs he was also able to motivate this decision.

China has not yet taken a firm stance on the sector. The country could also ban them from NFTs, either They strictly supervise. For example, the use of state infrastructure could become mandatory for NFT projects in China.

Pending clear NFT regulations, uncertainty is a major concern for tech giants in China. This fear has already prompted WeChat to do so delete accounts from NFT platforms majors such as Xihu No.1. The Dongyiyuandian platform also suffered the brunt of these prudential measures.

Will Alibaba Cloud provide an official explanation for the removal of information related to its NFT solution? This mystery reminds us that China can certainly take full advantage of the rise of the web3. The country can still give itself a hoe in the absence of clear and favorable regulations for the sector.

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